Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Any friend that can be replaced by GPT-4

There's something therapeutic about nudity ... Take away the Gucci or Levi's and we're all the same.


 Ifixme.com announces 'Right to Repair' program for your human body
via Henry Baker
 In Gen Z's world of dupes, fake is fabulous—until you try it on
 Grindr warns Egyptian police may be using fake accounts to trap users
 A scammer tricked Instagram into banning influencers with millions of followers. Then he made them pay to recover their accounts.
 Amazon Begs Employees Not to Leak Corporate Secrets to ChatGPT
 People talking about what AI will do to society, here's a niche example that's happening right now
 Google and Microsoft's chatbots are already citing one another in a misinformation sh*tshow
The Verge
 Warning: AI-generated YouTube Video Tutorials Spreading Infostealer Malware
The Hacker News
 AI-Powered Vehicle Descriptions: Save Money, Save, Time, Sell More!
slisghtly redacted by PGN
 Elon Musk and other tech leaders call for pausee on 'dangerous race' to make AI as advanced as humans
 On using Microsoft's Bing Chat for programming
 Microsoft Patched Bing Vulnerability That Allowed Snooping on Email, Other Data
Robert McMillan
 DC Metro Will Retrofit Faregates To Cut Down On Fare Evasion
 Metro operator investigated for using automation system without clearance
The Washington Post
 Biden Acts to Restrict U.S. Government Use of Spyware
 Flight problems, not turbulence, found in death of former White House official
 Researchers exploit vulnerabilities of smart-device microphones and voice assistants
 OpenSSL KDF and secure by default
 All of your Internet usage will be subject to government tracking and control.
Lauren Weinstein
Amy Castor
 Pwn2Own Hackers Breach a Tesla Twice
Marco Marcelline
 Voting vendor in Reality Winner's leak is coming to Texas
Texas Observer
 Malicious Actors Use Unicode Support in Python to Evade Detection
Phylum via Monty Solomon
 Progressives Across Nation Locked Out Of Accounts After CAPTCHA Asks 'Select All Squares That Contain A Woman'
 SF loses 150K daily office workers during pandemic
 Any friend that can be replaced by GPT-4 ...
Rob Slade
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