Monday, April 17, 2023

Top browsers for privacy (and why you should hide your online activity)

For Uninsured People With Cancer, Securing Care Can Be Like Spinning a Roulette Wheel

Contending with cancer is horrific enough. Fighting to get care is scary, demoraizing, and can be fatal.

Top browsers for privacy (and why you should hide your online activity) ZDNET: “Web browsers have become flooded with ad-sponsored content, making browsers a key battleground for end-user privacy. While Chrome is the most widely-used browser in the world, there are also alternative browsers and ways to improve your security, while staying anonymous online. 

Data is one of today’s key ingredients for generating revenue. Online advertising companies can use web browsing histories to fingerprint individual browsers over time, creating shadow user profiles to reveal information including a user’s interests, product searches, and more — which can lead to targeted advertising. Researchers from Firefox-maker Mozilla conducted a study in 2020 with 52,000 Firefox userswhich revealed it is more difficult than ever to ensure total privacy online. They warned Google and Facebook’s tight grip on online advertising makes re-identification through browsing histories an even more pressing privacy problem today. 

When you look for a privacy-focused browser, you will want to investigate how advertising trackers and cookies are managed; whether or not search histories are stored or shared, and whether or not the browser developer has a transparent privacy policy in place.  Below, I’ve shared my top recommendations for secure browsers for privacy in 2023…”