Wednesday, April 19, 2023

A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century

Oh Lord … I have a PhD in Procrastination, with a Post-doctorate in distraction.

This morning I was distracted by trends on Twitter as Kate is in the news 

Tax loopholes abound, but AI could shut them down TechXplore (Dr. Kevin). Um, loopholes are a feature, not a bug. See for instance the sustained refusal to close the private equity carried interest loophole.

The national privacy watchdog has launched an investigation into American Express after receiving a complaint about data breaches and technology systems that raise potential national security risks for parliamentarians with accounts.

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald revealed in November that an American Express employee used “god mode” powers to spy on his ex-partner’s financial transactions on nine occasions. In response, the company stated it was unable to restrict staff access to certain bank accounts.

Spy fears over politicians’ cards as American Express faces privacy probe

US Government Dumps Bitcoin Stolen From Silk Road, $1.2B To Go

The US government has been busy selling Silk Road’s bitcoin, but it still has loads more to liquidate over the course of the year

What would you say to the person who stole your personal data, held it ransom and posted it on the dark web?

The people behind the cyber attacks on Australia are highly organised criminal gangs, often based in Russia, with dozens of employees and even HR departments.

Authorities are still tight-lipped about who carried out last year’s Medibank hack that left the personal details of millions of Australians exposed on the dark web.

Chatting with a hacker

I was a hacker for 30 years. These are the scariest things I saw on the dark web

Finland’s Turn New Left Review

US sanctions are here: Hungarian head of the Russian spy bank is also on the list Daily News Hungary. Hungary being both in NATO and the EU.

Sophisticated criminal syndicates are using cash vouchers and gifts in an attempt to steal disability entitlements from the National Disability Insurance Scheme, with the scale of fraud detected much worse than expected.

How Fox Chased Its Audience Down the Rabbit Hole NYT. The Deck: “Rupert Murdoch A. G. Sulzberger built an empire by giving viewersreaders exactly what they wanted. But what they wanted — election lies and insurrectionRussiaGate and Trump Derangement Syndrome — put that empire (and the country) in peril.” Fixed it for ya. Not that the original was incorrect. Just… not as self-reflective as it might have been.

Dang. What’s that high-pitched warbling sound:

I literally lost my biggest and best client to ChatGPT today. Reddit 

A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century Tablet 

First Republic faces ‘Hobson’s choice’: analystYahoo! Finance (Kevin W). So how long will First Republic lumber along as a zombie?


Tackling the biggest fraud in US history – pandemic relief Christian Science Monitor. This is America. How else were we going to distribute the money?


Fintech founder parlayed connections for JPMorgan deal before fraud charges FT. When you read “founder,” think “fraudster.”

Fed’s Williams says there are no clear signs of credit crunch MarketWatch. Huh? Bloomberg on April 7: US Bank Lending Slumps by Most on Record in Final Weeks of March. Is the way to square this circle that loan demand dropped sharply? Or is this this Fed’s “Subprime is contained” moment?


FDIC’s Poor Track Record in Holdco Bankruptcies Adam Levitin. From a couple of weeks ago, still germane.

 Surprise Bitcoin Easter Egg Fuels Wild Satoshi Nakamoto Identity Theory Forbes

What Is an Easter Egg? 27 Examples of Hidden Treats in Software, Websites, Games, and Movies Make Use of

America Is Back in the Factory Business WSJ


As Tech Jobs Disappear, Silicon Valley Veterans Reset Their Careers WSJ


Delaware decision shows how private equity preys on vulnerable CEOs FT


Plant Fungus Infects Human in First Reported Case of Its Kind Science Alert. From the original: “The pathogen[ic fungus] enters the human body through damaged skin and the respiratory tract [oh] and can causes infection mostly in immunocompromised individuals [so that’s good news, then].”

The Money-Saving Power of Your Library Card WS

Tech Republic: “Tech recruiters have to keep in mind talent shortages, layoffs, budget cuts and economic uncertainty, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion mandates. Suffice it to say, it’s not an easy time to be a recruiter. But LinkedIn’s The Future of Recruiting 2023 report finds that generative AI tools such as ChatGPT may take some of the pressure off. About two-thirds (68%) of hirers surveyed in February 2023 said they were “very hopeful” or “cautiously optimistic” about generative AI’s impact on recruiting. “Generative AI — i.e., tools like ChatGPT that intelligently generate content — is a fascinating new technology that holds promise for talent professionals, many of whom believe it can help in time-consuming tasks, like drafting job descriptions and personalized messages to candidates, among others,’’ the report said. The top recruiting outcomes hiring pro respondents said they would like to see from GAI tools are:

  • Automate repetitive tasks to prioritize more strategic work (74%)
  • Make it faster/easier to source candidates (67%)
  • Make it faster/easier to engage candidates (59%)

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