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Ickiness: You walked into the party, like you were walking onto a yacht - The Top 19 Tools For Managing Social Media Dragon 🐉 Accounts

Hard numbers aside, there is something more nebulous for racing to combat: the “ick” factor.

Typically reserved for romantic relationships that go sour, the ick is the feeling when something cool turns to cringe. For a sport trying to attract a younger generation, that’s a big issue.

The ‘ick’ factor? Racing battles lower Cup crowds, ratings – but online punting is up

Vaclav Havel 

We all know that funny feeling of filthiness of ickiness it's a feeling we call the prick of conscience
Vaclav Havel when we make a compromise that we have doubts about so we think about it again and again
My bravery comes out of a cowardnes because I am afraid of feeling that ickness that i have made an undesirable compromise that I have sidesteped Comversly 
when I have done somthing I know is rright even have a feeling of euphoria 
We all know that funny feeling of filthiness, of ickiness. It a feeling we call the prick of conscience when we make a compromise that we have doubts about. So we think about it again and again, and... we even worry about it somewhat, even though the compromise may have made life easier, compared to what would have happened had we not made it. But for myself...I see that my bravery comes out of cowardice, because I am afraid of feeling that ickiness of feeling that I've done something wrong, that I,ve made an undesirable compromise, that I've side-steppe and conversely when I do something that I know is right, I can even have a feeling of euphoria." ~ Vaclav Havel Musings and Confessions ...

I am afraid of feeling that ickness

HMM:  Psychedelic mushrooms may ease depression with one dose, but risks remain.

And remember that living well is the best revenge.

OH, DEAR. SHOCKED, SHOCKED SHOCKED. AT THIS RATE MY SHOCKED FACE WILL DEVELOP HOLES:  ‘Politicized bureaucracy’ has FBI ‘rotted at its core,’ GOP charges in shocking report.

What’s shocking is that the GOP realized there might be gambling at Rick’s.

The FBI delenda est. Abolish the agency. Salt the Earth.

When you’re too crazy for FBI, you know you’ve lost it.”

 Why are there so few dead bugs on your windshield?

You walked into the party, like you were walking onto a yacht

The book that changed me: how Pierre Hadot's Philosophy as a Way of Life taught me to 'love a few old truths'

ORHAN PAMUK’S LITERATURE OF PARANOIA Living in Turkey has made the author a master of the genre.

Music is our way of coping with life’: the Mary Wallopers on bringing booze, sex and politics back to folk

Busload of Books bringing inspiration to the classroom one stop at a time - Mitchell Republic

Mitchell Republic: “Matthew Swanson received a positive review Monday morning from one of the L.B. Williams Elementary School students who had just attended an assembly with the children’s book author. “He came up to me after the first assembly and said, ‘Mister, for some reason, you inspired me,’” Swanson laughed. “It was the best.” Swanson and his wife, Robbi Behr, who is also his co-author on dozens of children’s books, spent much of the day hearing examples of that excitement as the pair and their four children made their latest stop as part of the Busload of Books Tour at the Mitchell elementary school. The family is on their way to visit schools in all 50 states to promote reading, creativity and collaboration. 

The trip revolves around the author and illustrator and their desire to spread the word about reading, to increase awareness of the challenges faced by America’s public schools as well as to take part in an expansive research project to measure how such visits by creators to the classroom impact the schools, teachers and their students. The family is traveling in a bus that has been colorfully painted and decked out to serve as both a promotional billboard and a miniature home for the six of them. The bus grabs the attention of the students, but so do Swanson and Behr, who bring a presentation full of encouragement for reading, creating and working together…”

The Top 19 Tools For Managing Social Media Accounts Search Engine JournalSearch Engine Journal: “Social media has become a massive part of brand marketing strategy. And managing multiple accounts can be pretty overwhelming. How do you stay organized? What tools should you use to manage social media accounts?

 Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have evolved into a significant source of information for millions of people around the globe. As such, they play a crucial role in shaping public opinion. In addition, these platforms also provide businesses with powerful marketing opportunities to connect with and grow their audience. Since scheduling posts and analyzing social media insights is now a must for any content strategy, it’s vital to equip yourself with the right tools. So now, let’s break down the top tools for social media management..”

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