Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Two Sides of Dignity ‘Why Argument Matters’ and ‘In Praise of Civility’

 Constantine Boulougouris of MinterEllison and John Azarias, a prominent Greek Australian philanthropist in Sydney were invited by previous Boards to draft the new corporate structures.

“This work has been done pro bono and the current Board has continued to work with them both in this area,” Mr Mpliokas adds.

Property sale could see $100 million for Greek organisations in Sydney

Different co-founder, Mina Radhakrishnan, a board member of the Tech Council of Australia, and John Azarias, chairman of Lysicrates Foundation and former senior tax partner at Deloitte will also attend.

Mass exodus: Australia faces loss of 600,000 people and skills recovery will be slow, Ceda says

Dr Patricia Azarias' Interview at Parliament House · Lysicrates Foundation

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Two Sides of Dignity

‘Why Argument Matters’ and ‘In Praise of Civility’  New Books

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Essays & Opinions

Working at The New York Review: "Bob and Barbara are dinosaurs and we’re these mammals running around afraid of getting  squashed  »

Artifical Lawyer: “All law firms and in-house legal functions know that legal tech is the future. Law is fundamentally about information – laws, precedents, documents – and therefore data.

 Presenter’s Guide Series Part III:  The Many Benefits of Question Forms – In the third in his series on presentations, Jerry Lawson, recommends a simple yet powerful tool that presenters can use to improve presentation quality, especially in some special situations: Requiring audience members to submit all questions in writing.

Make Use Of – 5 Useful Tips and Tricks to Know: “Reddit is a huge website, containing thousands of posts and comments across numerous subreddits. As such, if you want to find a post that covers a specific topic, it’s a good idea to get to grips with the different ways of using Reddit’s search engine. So, in this article, we explore how to search Reddit, including some unofficial ways to get better results.”

How to Stop Facebook Tracking With the Off-Facebook Activity Tool

Make Use Of: “We all know that Facebook is watching us. It knows what we like, what we don’t like, and it uses that information to show us ads. But did you know that Facebook is also tracking you, even when you’re not on their site? It’s true! Facebook has a tool called the Off-Facebook Activity Tool that allows them to track your activity on other websites and apps. But there’s a way to stop them. Here’s how…”

HBR: “4 Types of Innovators Every Organization Needs - HBR

How do you identify and empower innovators in your company? Collectively, we have spent over 40 years researching this question. Our research on innovation styles identifies and examines the different preferences and roles people take on when pursuing innovation. By understanding this concept, organizations can better identify where specific people are needed and who should work together to generate new breakthrough ideas. 

Our latest study relies on data collected between October 2006 and January 2021, across as many people in as many organizations as possible. Over 100,000 people — 112,497 to be precise, with nearly equal parts men and women — responded to the call, and we continue to collect data every day. Respondents came from 84 countries and work in a wide variety of companies and industries, including Microsoft, ArcelorMittal, Boston Symphony Orchestra, NASA, United Way, and Harvard University (and Harvard Business Review!). Each respondent told us about what they like to do and what they do well when they solve problems (and what they do not like or do not do well). These answers revealed an individual’s preference for one of four unique innovation styles, each of which maps onto a distinct phase of a four-stage innovation process. Each style has a role to play in your organization, starting with finding new problems (generators), thoroughly defining problems (conceptualizers), evaluating ideas and selecting solutions (optimizers), and implementing selected solutions (implementers). 

All four styles are necessary for innovation. Understanding which employees fall into which style enables an organization to manage their innovation efforts more effectively. However, in our experience, most organizations are lacking in some innovation styles — particularly generators — and we will be providing steps to help overcome this deficiency…”