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How to Leave Dying Social Media Platforms (without ditching your friends)

Hail storm hits Sydney’s CBD, Marrickville, Camperdown, Alexandria and on the NSW south coast  Via Bavarian   

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Human beings like to feel like they’re part of something greater than themselves. Like most of my divinity school fratres, I studied for the priesthood because I thought I had received a calling from God -and nothing is bigger than God himself. But now, years later, I realize many of us were running from something – sexuality, traumas, emotional problems, what have you – and there’s no better place to hide from yourself than within a two-thousand-year institution. All of us, in some way, were looking for a source of surety and safety to keep the messiness of our psyches and life at bay. So, we’d armor ourselves with the culture, rituals, dogmas, doctrines, and ecclesiastical minutia of the church – often seeking to create new personalities so we didn’t have to deal with our own. As one ex-seminarian told me, “We were all guys in our twenties pretending like we were in our fifties.” 

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DuckDuckGo officially joins the dark side

How to Leave Dying Social Media Platforms (without ditching your friends)

Cory Doctorow: “Online, a lot of us have been unhappy with our social media platforms for a long time, but we hang in there, year after year, scandal after scandal, because as much as we hate the platform, we love the people who use the platform. We don’t leave because we don’t want to lose them. They don’t leave because they don’t want to lose us. It’s a hostage situation, and we’re all holding each other hostage.Collective action problems are hardproblems…. The Big Tech platforms style themselves as “benevolent dictators.” Sure, they have the final say over your digital life, but they only wield that power because they want to help you. That’s the story whether it’s Facebook or Twitter blocking you from posting a link to a site like Distributed Denial of Secrets, or Gmail blocking independent mail-servers from reaching your inbox, or Apple blocking alternative Instagram apps that shield you from tracking and ads…There is a better way. The tech giants don’t have to run walled gardens, they choose to. We can make them choose otherwise.

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BOTTOM STORY OF THE DAY: Whoopi Goldberg Quitting Twitter: “As Of Tonight I’m Done.”

As leftist celebrities head for the exits, The Verge reports: Twitter tells advertisers that user growth is at ‘all-time highs’ under Elon Musk.

We are all eager to move past the pandemic but long Covid is a result of Covid-19 that will linger for years to come. Long Covid is a catchall term to describe an array of symptoms people experience weeks or months after they recover from Covid-19, usually when they are no longer infectious.

Some people have reported experiencing several symptoms; others report just one or two

*The astounding impact and reach of long Covid, in numbers and charts

Long Covid's astounding impact, explained in numbers and charts – video | World news | The Guardian



Jackie “O” Henderson has announced she is taking extended leave from her top-rating radio show for health reasons.

The 47-year-old told listeners she would be off the air for “the next couple of weeks”, after not being able to fully recover from COVID-19, during a shock announcement on KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show.

‘Ending the show today’: Kyle and Jackie O Show radio host announces breakfast radio break | 7NEWS


‘I’m not getting better’: Jackie O steps away from radio show to recover from long Covid | Australian media | The Guardian