Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Good Blogger & Research Librarian Can Help You Find Information You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

 “When are you going to govern? The only thing you have governed for the past year is your own survival.” Jess Phillips, Labour MP, October 20, 2022

Russia & Ukraine: Lessons Learned for Future (Cyber) Warfare

THE FRAUD IS RESPONSIBLE:  So who’s to blame for the red wave spending itself? And is Europe sucking up to China?

Because Europe is old and stupid, and thinks China is the strong horse. Of course, they’ve always been mad for chinoiserie.

DECOUPLING:  Canada kicks out Chinese companies from lithium mining.

A Good Blogger & Research Librarian Can Help You Find Information You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

The FBI’s Transformation, from National Police to Domestic Spy Agency. Part One: “Disruption”Matt Taibbi, TK News. “Domestic spying without predicate.”

People With Complete Paralysis Walk Again After Nerve Stimulation Breakthrough.

AROUND THE WORLD, LEADERSHIP IS POOR:  Xi Jinping: Yes, China is preparing for war.


The market has failed to give Australians affordable housing, so don’t expect it to solve the crisis

The federal Labor government has promised to craft a national housing and homelessness plan and to fund new social housing, returning Canberra to a field it all but abandoned for a decade. A new Productivity Commission report is scathing about current arrangements and calls for far-reaching change. 

The Budget and the APS

The budget papers reveal considerable action to progress the Albanese Government’s APS reforms recently set out by Katy Gallagher. However, not all of the budget measures are clear yet, some are questionable and there remain important measures still to be pursued. 

The $530 billion junk infrastructure scandal – What the PM can do – Part 2 of 2

Sydney and Melbourne’s ‘big infrastructure build’ will soon prove Australia’s ‘big bust’. Our Prime Minister cannot aid and abet this madness.