Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Blood Red Moon - World Ballet Day 2022 | The Australian Ballet

Police are busy today booking and raising revenue in Sydney as we are all behaving badly …

Aussie sky gazers will have the rare treat of seeing a total lunar eclipse this week, during which the moon turns blood-red.

What time is the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse on Nov. 8? Space. On election day….

Sydney teenager Dennis Su pleads guilty to using Optus data breach information to blackmail customers

A man in the US has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $5 billion of stolen Bitcoin in what authorities have called a historic case.
The Department of Justice announced that James Zhong pleaded guilty to stealing more than 50,000 Bitcoin from the online Silk Road marketplace of the dark web.
Police raided Zhong's home in the state of Georgia last November, but it was only revealed following the hacker's conviction.

Police allege the massive windfall was transferred to Ms Manivel after she was supposed to receive a $100 refund from Crypto.com in May last year.

Instead of returning the money, prosecutors allege she and her partner went on a spending spree, buying multiple houses and luxury items like a car, furniture and art.

Man, woman accused of splurging more than $10m in mistakenly transferred crypto on houses, luxury items - Thevamanogari Manivel and her partner Jatinder Singh

World Ballet Day 2022 | The Australian Ballet