Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Pax Mafioso - Scam of pig butchering

On Twitter  “I read your article with curiosity until you ruined it. You could’ve used it for genuine engagement than self-aggrandizement, bitterness, and bashing the diaspora.”   

Pax Mafioso: The geopolitical side to the Medibank ransom attack

FansOnly Gigs: For every person that’s earning a million dollars and flying around doing fancy shoots, there’s a hundred people who are barely paying rent.”

Los Angeles: Prominent Nigerian social media influencer Hushpuppi gets nine years prison for laundering hundreds of millions

New York: Hacker who stole $3.3 billion in bitcoin from dark web marketplace Silk Road pleads guilty; bitcoin seized

Security researcher Ronnie Tokazowki and his team provided real gift cards to scammers doing BEC fraud, and tracked what happened to them
  • At least one scammer admitted to being in Nigeria
  • All were cashed out within 24 hours
  • Scammers wanted store cards, not ones from credit card companies


A note on terminology:  As readers know, several years ago some romance scammers tweaked this scam so that instead of needing money for an emergency, they instead urge victims to invest in crypto. It looks like the scammers refer to this as “pig butchering,”  a loathsome expression that tells us nothing about the scam itself.  The Fraud Report will continue to use the term romance scam, and where appropriate will note that it involves crypto investments.
Consumer education note:  The Christmas holidays are coming right up, and we are seeing a huge wave of fake companies advertising goods, especially on Facebook.  Now is the time to start getting the word out about online shopping frauds, and to alert people that if they are ripped off they can challenge the charges if on PayPal or by credit card.  Background on this topic can be found here:  online shopping fraud
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