Monday, November 07, 2022

Drive and Listen or Walk

The Earth has existed for45 million centuries, but this is the first century in which one dominant species can determine, for good or ill, the future of the entire biosphere

Not necessarily the end of the world The biggest existential threat to humans is now humanity

Drive and Listen or Walk  To radio stations around the world (your choice) with an accompanying virtual ride wherever you choose – you also get stuck in traffic. (Note – Not anywhere near enough bike lanes in Rome!)

Even better, take a walking tour around a city of your choice – choose day or night, and sounds to accompany your walk.

How to Test a Suspicious Link Before Clicking It - How To Geek: “We’ve all received strange messages either in emails or via chat apps that claimed to be from friends, family, or familiar businesses, urging us to click a link. Is there a way to check these links without clicking them so you can figure out what’s up? Just like when checking that a downloaded file is safe, there are several tests you can perform, and below we’ll go over the simplest. We’ll start with a few things you can do yourself before moving on to some sites that can check links for you…”

What’s That Charge is a bootstrapped, profitable startup founded in 2012 to help consumers better understand and organize the charges on their credit card and debit card statements. What’s That Charge serves hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month in nine languages visiting us from nearly every country on earth. For when you can’t figure out what the heck is that strange charge on your credit card statement. Currently indexing 120,211unique credit card line item charges…”

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