Saturday, November 12, 2022

Berry Jazz via Imperial at Clifton: We praise canonical authors for their boundless imagination

Those were the days my friend

I thought they’d never end.

It all started way back in the 1900s with a sizeable mining community looking for a drinking hole…from there an iconic venue was born, known for its clifftop location and dynamic history.

Imperial @ Clifton - stunning views

Daly-Wilson Big Band was formed in Sydney in 1968 by Warren Daly on drums and Ed Wilson on trombone.

Ed Wilson Daly Big Brass Band

Kim Hair Jazz Singer

Berry Splender in the Brass

Kim Hair, née  Hatton, brought the art house down … John, Vera, Glen, John Junior and Daisy and including  John and Farhana … were so proud of Kim tonight … as she hit the highest notes ever 🎵  🎼 

We praise canonical authors for their boundless imagination. 

We praise canonical authors for their boundless imagination. Then why do all their plots feel the same?

I’M TOO SEXY FOR YOUR SPECIES, TOO SEXY FOR YOUR SPECIES, TOO SEXY FOR YOU:  Sex, not violence, could’ve sealed the fate of the Neanderthals: More evidence emerges that Neanderthals and Homo sapiens made love and not war thousands of years ago.

Denisovans, Neanderthals, whatever — none of them could resist that sweet, sweet Homo Sapiens loving.

MARK JUDGE: Surrender: Or Why I Will Always Love Bono.

So yes, I will always love Bono, and love U2. As an addendum, it’s worth noting that Bono may have politically  seen the light himself. In a recent interview he praised capitalism. “I ended up as an activist in a very different place from where I started,” he said. “I thought that if we just redistributed resources, then we could solve every problem. I now know that’s not true. There’s a funny moment when you realize that as an activist: The off-ramp out of extreme poverty is, ugh, commerce, it’s entrepreneurial capitalism.”

Then this: “I didn’t grow up to like the idea that we’ve made heroes out of businesspeople, but if you’re bringing jobs to a community and treating people well, then you are a hero.”

You might say that our two hearts now beat as one.

Guilty Before Innocent Jed Rakoff, The Nation (NL). Review of Daniel Medwed’s Barred: Why the Innocent Can’t Get Out of Prison.

FASTER, PLEASE:  New drug elicits an antidepressant effect in mice in just two hours.

Of course, a nice sour mash whiskey can cheer me up faster than that.

The dreariness of book clubs. They are boring because we avoid uncomfortable questions.    Good old days »

"Vegemite on toast just about every day of my life but in milk you have to be kidding," one Aussie commented, while others declared the once-popular concoction "disgusting", "yuck" and "awful".

Vegemite fans shocked by detail on 90-year-old-jar: 'You have to be kidding'