Monday, July 22, 2019

Taxing the Rich

Jeffrey Epstein's offshore fortune traced to Paradise Papers

ATO targets lawyer privilege in crackdown on multinationals

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The Australian Taxation Office will move to stop lawyers using legal professional privilege to frustrate ... 

SWIFT data can be a global vantage point for tackling global money laundering

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Mr Kapila's arrest follows that of Gagandeep Pahwa, 30, his domestic partner Gopali Dahl, 30, and their associate Bipin Thapa, 29, who were arrested by detectives from the Criminal Groups Squad last Thursday.

Fourth person arrested over alleged $100m money laundering syndicate, attempting to leave the country

Police have arrested a fourth person over an alleged $100 million money laundering syndicate, apprehending him as he attempted to leave the country at Sydney International Airport.
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Economic crime: How the Tories are leaving foxes in charge of the hen house

Efforts to tackle fraud, corruption and money laundering could fall victim to corporate capture, argues Prof Prem Sikka.

Rich people's problems - If America introduces a ... - The Economist

The Taxman Is Contacting People About Their Cryptocurrency

IN AMERICA, CLASS WARFARE IS DISGUISED AS CULTURE WAR: The death of the working class reporter: Journalism is becoming an elite profession—and that’s bad news.

Canada invests in whistleblower awards, and reaps the rewards

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Kimberly Clausing (Reed College), Taxing the Rich:
The Issue: Many Americans have not felt the benefits of strong GDP growth in recent decades, as thirty-five years of rising income inequality have concentrated the income growth at the top of the distribution. While the federal income tax system is progressive, it has failed to counter these trends, and some of our tax policy changes have in fact exacerbated inequality. At present, many feel that the U.S. government needs more revenue for urgent fiscal priorities such as infrastructure, yet the federal government is operating with high budget deficits and debt. Thus, as policy-makers search for new revenues, some are eager to increase tax payments by those at the top of the income distribution.

Class Warfare
Abigail Disney visited Disneyland undercover. She is ‘livid’ about what she saw CNN. Lambert had this in Water Cooler yesterday, but worth not missing. 

New York Times editorial, Can States Just Say No to Corporate Giveaways?:
No place better illustrates the absurdities of the proliferating use of tax incentives for job creation than the Kansas City metro area, which straddles the Missouri-Kansas state line.
Over the past decade, Missouri and Kansas have offered more than $330 million in tax breaks to lure companies back and forth across State Line Road. More than 100 companies and more than 12,000 workers have moved to new offices, some headed east, some headed west. Missouri poached Swiss Re and Applebee’s; Kansas got JPMorgan Chase and AMC Entertainment.

Best Job at Johnny Walker ;-) 

U.S. half-shuts door to financial secrecy, opens new window
TJN, 15 July 2019. The U.S. is the world’s second greatest contributor to global financial secrecy only faring better than Switzerland in complicity in enabling financial secrecy schemes that foster tax abuse, money laundering and the financing of terrorism. The saving grace  was that it didn’t permit private foundations to be created – this in part gave the U.S. a lower secrecy score on the
Financial Secrecy Index than Switzerland. However, thanks to the new New Hampshire Act, private foundations can now be set up without needing to disclose the identity of their founders and beneficiaries, let alone their beneficial owners.

Independent MP Catherine Cumming hires her children and friends as staffers - The Guardian  

Tax scams spike 900pc after Canadian crackdown - Financial Review


Billions already flowing back to Australians in tax refunds