Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Google denies ties to Chinese military after tech billionaire's claiM

Liberation of truth 
Google denies ties to Chinese military after tech billionaire's claim


Ever had a burning question about how a government agency works? Or wondered what data is being collected about a certain topic? It’s not just reporters who use Freedom of Information requests to get access to data and stories. Our data reporter Karrie Kehoe takes you through six hot tips you should consider before FOI-ing the world. Imagine what you can find!!


It’s almost daily we get asked about the impact of the Panama Papers – and how we reached our recent $1.2 billion count of cash recovered by governments around the world. So we decided to break it down and show you country by country how we got there – and share even more details than before. It’s a huge team effort to reach that headline figure, which we couldn’t do without our network!


The medical device regulator in Australia (the Therapeutic Goods Administration) has given breast implant manufacturers until July 24 to respond to a proposed ban or suspension of 25 models of breast implants due to a higher risk of cancer. Research has shown there is a rare form of cancer that occurs most often in patients with rough-surfaced or textured implants. Confused? Read our explainer on the difference between smooth and textured


The fallout out from the Bribery Division is definitely going to continue for awhile (to understand why, read our Q&A with two veteran reporters on the topic). Last week it was Peru taking action. Authorities raided the house of the former first lady Nadine Heredia and 25 other properties that were allegedly linked to a massive gas pipeline constructed by Odebrecht.