Friday, July 12, 2019

And You Think You Have A Bad Job ...

What becomes of science when evidence is absent – as it is in some areas of physics? Other criteria, including aesthetic ones, come into play. So does speculation   Speculation 

ATO staff 'voluntold' to meet call surge as taxpayers chase bonus
The Canberra Times 

ATO crackdown on mygov rorts

Sydney security firm an alleged 'front' for $100m organised crime syndicate

  • Police raided a Sydney security company allegedly linked to a crime syndicate
  • Four people were arrested and $400,000 and a car were seized by the police
  • Police allege the security company laundered money for a criminal syndicate 
  • They allege it is linked to a raid in early 2019 where drugs and cars were seized

NEWS YOU CAN USE:  How to Tell If Someone Is Bugging or Tracking You.I’m so old that I can remember when the impedance change produced by a parallel connection — literally, a “tap” — on your phone line gave it a characteristic hollow sound.
 Movember ends with Australian Tax Office staff getting half a mo to honour men who .
Proving the Australian Tax Office does have a heart, its staff have ... Thursday were Australian Tax Office workers Adam Shain

Maximum Ditital Improvements

Hel V Adam Shain

GPS to Track Student Attendance

Three arrested in connection with alleged money laundering syndicate worth $80m

Toxic leaders and how to get over them once they’re gone
The Mandarin, 2 July 2019. When does an organisation have a duty of care to take action to support its people affected by toxic leadership?  

Whistleblower strikes deal over handling of sensitive information in court

A couple gets killed and then the killer gets murdered – so, whodunit?

And You Think You Have A Bad Job – The Life Of Moderating Online Content

“The policies that were in place almost parodied themselves. They were so specific on the one hand and totally missing the forest for the trees on the other that you really had to embed yourself into the logic of the particular platform, and of course every platform has its own set of policies that it makes up.” – The New Yorker

The decline in liquor tax revenue caused by the anti-alcohol campaign [in the USSR] was of the same magnitude as the decline in oil export revenue.” 

Data Analytics and Tax Law by Benjamin Alarie, Anthony Niblett .

University of Toronto, June 2019. This paper seeks to illustrate some key examples of how analytics can be employed in the field of tax law. This essay provides both insights on how to improve the administration and content of tax law and policy, and insights for taxpayers seeking to understand the content of tax law.

17-Year-Old Weakness in Firefox Let HTML File Steal Other Files From Device
the hackernews, 3 July 2019. Though the implementation weakness in Firefox has already been discussed on the Internet over and over again in previous years, this is the first time when someone has come up with a complete PoC attack that puts security and privacy of millions of Firefox users at risk.

Axios: “A malfunctioning dog leash could end up creating billions of dollars of potential liabilities for online marketplaces, with Amazon front and center. Background: A dog leash sold and shipped by The Furry Gang, one of the millions of small sellers that operate on Amazon’s marketplace, snapped, permanently blinding the buyer in her left eye.
  • Amazon is responsible for the injury, according to a 2-1 decision from Philadelphia’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Amazon’s involvement in transactions extends beyond a mere editorial function; it plays a large role in the actual sales process,” the opinion states.
  • Our thought bubble: This ruling challenges the company’s longtime practice of effectively outsourcing quality control to its customers and their reviews. Amazon could now be held liable for all the random things that get sold on its site.
  • What to watch: This isn’t just bad news for Amazon. The whole e-commerce sector — including companies like Walmart, eBay and Shopify — could come under fire.”
Description – As the volume of digitized heritage collections continues to grow, memory institutions are challenged to making this open content discoverable and usable across repositories. At this mini-symposium in Leiden, guests… learn[ed] about research & development work done in the area of digital image interoperability (IIIF), corpus-building and deep interactions with open collections by OCLC, and latest developments at Europeana and the Global Digitised Dataset Network

Programme: Introducing the Theme (0:00-24:28 – slides)

  • Short overview of findings from the OCLC Open Content Survey—Titia van der Werf, OCLC Research
Promoting the Discovery of Open Collections
  • IIIF and OCLC product development—Shane Huddlestone, OCLC Digital Collections Services (24:34-50:11 – slides)
  • The state of IIIF at Europeana—Antoine Isaac, Europeana (50:30-1:13:30 – slides)
  • The Global Digitised Dataset Network—Paul Gooding, University of Glasgow (1:13:54-1:45:33 – slides)
Deep-interactions with Open Collections (2:09:25-2:52:53 – slides)
  • Building corpora of open content in Philosophy: findings from the CatViS project—Rob Koopman (Architect, OCLC Global Engineering)
  • Interacting with open collections: Ariadne, BolVis and KantVis—Shenghui Wang (Research Scientist, OCLC Research), Thom Castermans (PhD student at Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of TU Eindhoven), Annapaola Ginammi (Researcher at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam)…”
Happiness and work: an Oxymoron?
McKinsey, July 2019. This interview a with a ‘happiness researcher’ shares some surprising results on connecting well-being, mental health, and how employers can play a role in improving employee  lives at work.

MURRAY-DARLING: The gulf between the alternate realities of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan grows wider.