Wednesday, July 03, 2019


FASTER, PLEASE:  Reversing The Damage From A Massive Stroke.

WE HAVE  MENTIONED THE INSTITUTE FOR JUSTICE’S JOHN KRAMER BEFORE, but now his novel Blythe has been released on Audible. He’s a reader, so I guess this counts as a reader book plug. . .

Also recommended by SB Passchendaele by Steele and Hart

The service corps had lived up to its informal motto: “The impossible we do immediately; the miraculous takes a little longer.”

This image, recorded in November of 1917, depicts a wounded German soldier and a wounded Canadian soldier sharing a cigarette light while lying in the mud during the battle of Passchendaele. Library and Archives Canada

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Originally published: 2000
Authors: Peter HartNigel Steel

  • Passchendaele, requiem for a doomed youth by Paul Hamm. Penguin Random House Australia, 1916.

Passchendaele: they called it 'the Battle of the Mud' ... Passchendaele had its roots in December 1916, at a Christmas Conference between the Allies, it was there that it was decided that 1917 would be the year of joint offensives to finally break the German Army.