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You won’t arrive. It is an endless search....

There are no atheists in foxholes and  Cold War Rivers ...

Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of a greater or equal benefit.” - Napoleon Hill

Think like a queen (a king ;-). A queen is not afraid to fail. Failing is another steppingstone to greatness.” - Oprah Winfrey ;-)
Blog:  - The 'lore' of failure

Havens Just Aren't Safe Anymore, Goldman Says 

The Artist Who Made A Space For Herself In Photography

Deborah Willis, who asked one professor "Where are all the black photographers?" in college, has had "a storied career, to say the least, and yet it’s one she almost didn’t have at all. While in college, a photography professor told her she 'took a space from a good man' - that she was just going to end up married and pregnant so why bother taking classes?" … Read More



The Secret Sorrows of Over-Achievers Book of Life Yes, this sounds familiar…

Absolute hell: the toxic outpost where Mumbai’s poorest are ‘sent to die’ Guardian. Coming to the rest of the world sooner than you think… We are the richest family in all cemeteries ...

Roger Bannister dies at 88, the first human to run four laps in less than four minutes, “amateurism’s last hurrah.”
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The Devolution of the Good Society to the Bad Society Ian Welsh. I understand his point about kindness intellectually, but I am actually deeply suspicious of gestures like that and tend to brush them off. So I am not only guilty of not engaging in that sort of behavior (save giving $ to the homeless pretty regularly, but that is so inadequate relative to the scale of the problem), I discourage it. I suppose I am more of a Stoic: if people did their duty, things would work better plus we’d have way less interpersonal friction. Behavior might not rise to the level of kindness, but it would be easier for most people to be civil, even pleasant.
Why McDonald’s is flipping its arches for a day CNN. Help me. Why don’t they offer daycare instead.
Congress Is 80% Male and 81% White. Here’s How to Change That. Ellle. “[Project 100], so christened because it aims to ensure that 100 progressive women are serving in Congress by 2020 in honor of the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote, is the result of months of research by co-founders Danielle Gram, previously the head of the Tony Blair Foundation….”
While the world remembers Roger Bannister, look at where running’s gone in the meantime: ultra-running in China’s Changping Valley and Mt. Siguniang Scenic Park.
See also: how a bad hangover turned nonathletic writer Graham Beck into an Iron Man

“[It’s] very effective and extremely disorienting. We’ve had trouble even reporting on this data because we’re so confused about what’s going on and it’s so hard to make sense of things.”

Takayama Shirakawago Kanazawa - Connie Cao 12

Even those researching today’s online disinformation have trouble separating conspiracies from truth.
↩︎ Nieman  Journalism Lab
YOUR TURN, REDDIT: You, too, Tumblr. Senate investigators are seeking to question leaders of both companies on the role they played in spreading Kremlin disinformation ahead of the 2016 election intended to boost Donald Trump, hurt Hillary Clinton and weaken America through racial, ethnic and political division. The move was prompted by a report last week by the Daily Beast in which 21 Tumblr accounts were tied to Moscow’s troll factory.

SEEING IS NOT BELIEVING: Fake videos are getting very realistic, posing new problems for verifiable journalism, the NYT’s Kevin Roose writes. Important to note: The person in the lead of Roose’s story just looks like Michelle Obama. “This is turning into an episode of Black Mirror,” wrote one Reddit user. (Reader: Hold that thought. We’ll get back to it later in this report.)

One surprising thing about secret societies is how visible they are. In the ethnographic record, they can be found almost everywhere.

“Men’s cults” recur throughout history and across cultures, from Amazon tribes to American frat houses.
↩︎ Nautilus
‘I WANT TO WIN YOUR TRUST’: That’s a Hearst executive, talking to Digiday about a new, flexible paywall. Instead of short-sheeting the bed, having readers bump into a paywall and clicking away angry, a new design gives editors flexibility to decide what should be in front or behind the paywall at individual Hearst properties. At the Albany Times-Union, the first paper to test the flexible paywall, the total number of subscribers has doubled since it started tests in September, and the overall number of new subscriber numbers for Hearst Newspapers has jumped 10 percent, Digiday reported

Antidote du jour (margarita). “Swimming near Bratislava, Slovakia, in 10F temperatures.”

ABC journalist Emma Alberici's $12,000 for ASIC work - The Australian

ABC chief economics correspondent Emma Alberici was paid $12,000 for two days' work with the corporate regulator. Alberici, whose reporting was scrutinised in Senate estimates last month after the ABC -removed and replaced two articles she wrote about company tax, was hired to moderate three panel discussions and a dinner address at the ASIC annual forum in March last year.

Gold-digger confessions: How to land a rich man