Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Boss of Rarities as well as Internal Audits and Affairs ;-)

The pain can be endured until it can’t.
The therapy will work until it won’t.
The light will fill the room until it’s out.
The kisses halt, or should, when one says
And sleep will come as long as you can wait.
The weavers—bird and spider, human being—
are born to knot and net, a kind of fate.
And every seamless garment has a seam.
Where no horizon’s visible, the dawn
breaks out like a flash mob, ready or not.
Better to let it help you put your clothes on
than hide them in a deeper, darker spot.
A clear blue sky can load the atmosphere
and laughter greet the weight of a monsoon.
Childhood can end abruptly or stay here,
looking for those who left to come back soon.

Bruce Springsteen's Archives Release Rarities-Filled 2008 St. Louis Show

Bruce Springsteen has unleashed his first archival live release of the year, with the rocker focusing on a rarities-filled St. Louis gig from 2008. 

In Making ItNorman Podhoretz, consumed as much by the qualities of failure as by his own success, came to realize what he was against: "losers"...  Senior Executive Services 

Why Diane Arbus, John Carpenter, and David Lynch embraced monsters. Good monsters, like good art, replace conventional ideas with something weird, troubling, and potentially heroic... Surrounded by Good Duds 

Aussie beer drinkers paying more in tax than big oil

Talking of pubs, Tax Justice Network Australia has been highlighting that Australian beer drinkers pay more in tax on each beer they purchase than the country’s enormous oil and gas industry pays in petroleum tax on offshore gas. Strewth! In fact it isn’t just beer drinkers. As the industry is currently paying nothing, then everyone is paying more in tax.  TaxJustice Network Australia is pushing for a reform of the country’s Petroleum Rent Resource Tax, and an additional royalty of 10% to make sure that the industry makes a fair contribution to Australian public services. A campaign site on the issue can be found here   (These Cities Have the Cheapest Beer in the World)
NSW announces whole-of-government cyber security czar ... announced the appointment of Dr Maria Milosavljevic as the new Government Chief ... Milosavljevic joins the NSW government from AUSTRAC, where she held the ...

Yesterday I formally announced my resignation from AUSTRAC to take up a new opportunity with HSBC Bank based in Hong Kong.