Friday, April 14, 2017

The Bluest Air of Easter Morning

Story image for easter from The AustralianPope Francis to wash feet of mafia snitches in Easter ritual

Simon of Cyrene, recruited by grace and some Roman to lug Jesus’ cross, is my paradigm in this. He had, it would seem, no previous experience for the work. No moral credentials that we hear about. Just a man “who passed by, coming out of the country.” To trade, to sightsee, to window-shop: another tourist in the Big Fig. And, all at once, he is absorbed by that rubbernecking mob. Elbow to the front — what have we here? And it’s you, yes you. Bozo, pack that wood. We know nothing about Simon, except that his children, Rufus and Alexander, became Christians. On Good Friday, Simon was what we all are, a passerby. And shanghaied by the Holy Spirit. I take comfort in this thought, whose life otherwise does not much recommend itself to God. That I may be granted, through His fierce randomness and my mere availability, a walk-on moment of redemption.

A Nude Zoolander with a knack for making complex issues easy to understand, an infectious laugh, and a commitment to helping others....

The first thing to understand about John Clarke is that he was a genius. He cherished words and used them in such wonderful ways: as a big beery singer; as a sensitive poet; as a sheep shearer in wellies singing to the stock; as a playwright; as a slightly amused politician sitting with Bryan Dawe never missing a beat, never recording a bummer; and as a conversationalist.

John Clarke was a genius, a friend and a man of science

An orange bellied parrot, photographed by John Clarke

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 BirdLife Australia ... When asked about his favourite bird, John replied “I like all of them.” 

John Clarke - Flicr Images of his birds 

Two-and-a-half hilarious minutes every Thursday evening on ABC TV that often explained more about current events than all the other stories of the week.