Friday, April 07, 2017

Redoute’s Choice: There are better ways to win than getting even

Sometimes everything feels overwhelming. So, the key is to focus on what really matters: drinking enough water, surrounding yourself with loved ones, and treating your brain to some great reviews and  stories.  Like these ones ;-)

6 non-traditional ways to tell soulful stories ,,,

The flighty bay colt with a $2.5 million price tag and blue chip pedigree had little idea he was worth so much as he tried to bite all who came near him after he became the top priced horse at the Inglis Easter Yearling sales.The horse, a full brother to Group 3 winner Pariah, helped Arrowfield Stud principal John Messara to become the highest earning vendor in the sale’s 150-year history.
The Redoute’s Choice x Sec­luded colt was bought by Sheik Mohammed bin Khalifa al-Maktoum, who paid $1.8m for Eng­lish’s half sister on Tuesday.

Malchkeon was bidding and her Colt fetches $2.4 million at Easter sale

Record $2.5m bid for a blue-blood colt from Redoute's Choice

Hating and vengeance are choices. Nothing, however heinous, obliges one to hate. Mary-Ellen Field had every right to be twisted and embittered. Having been accused of leaking Elle Macpherson's private life to the British tabloid press she watched her health crash, her career unravel and her reputation sink. Even when it emerged that the culprits were those diligent boys and girls behind the phone-hacking at Rupert Murdoch's News of the World she received not so much as an apology from MacPherson and was further hounded by News International. 

But rather than hating her way to an early grave, Field chose another path. She donated a kidney to the desperately sick ABC radio journalist Mark Colvin, who had interviewed her about the phone-hacking scandal There are better ways to win than getting even

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More ( repost of comment on Moon of Alabama):
This best way to see immediately that the victims have not died from sarin intoxication is that in almost every case their skin is red/pink. Sarin turns people blue — always. Sarin makes people puke on themselves, urinate on themselves, shit themselves. Show me the evidence of sarin. Scores and scores of “sarin victims,” not a single one has the constellation of symptoms produced by sarin. Not a single one.
The red/pink color of the victims in the vids suggests the people were executed with cyanide or carbon monoxide, which, in turn, suggests these scenes are staged after the executions. The evidence for KS is just now being collected. The evidence for Ghouta is very, very strong: those people were gassed by the terrorists using, probably, CO.
Please quit spreading the lie that these are sarin victims and sarin attacks. They are false flags and now that there is a moron in the WH we see how effective those false flags will be unless the public understands what is going on biologically.
My PhD is in pharmacology, specializing in neuropharmacology, University of Virginia. My postdoc was at Harvard in neurosciences. I am a lawyer. I know bullshit when I smell it. This sarin bullshit has to stop. ” (Posted by: Denis | Apr 7, 2017 8:09:40 AM | 47)

China warns of deterioration in Syria with Xi in US Agence France Presse. Foreign Ministry spokesperson: “We oppose use of chemical weapons by any country, organisation or individual in any circumstance, for any purpose.”

Iran to Allow Russia to Use Military Bases ‘on Case-by-case Basis’ VOA (March 28, 2017, pre-strike

In 2013 questions were being asked ... Whose sarin? Seymour Hersh, LRB

Markets rattled by Syria missile strikes as gold and oil surge

Typical business logic says the firms that pay little or no company tax would also be paying their CEOs poorly, because their financial performance had been so poor. But is that what's happening? Professor of employment relations at Griffith University David Peetz crunches the numbers...