Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Leak-Driven Lawmaking: Gödel on God

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The name Gödel may not mean much to some, but among scientists he enjoys a reputation similar to the likes of Albert Einstein -- who was a close friend. Born in 1906 in what was then Austria-Hungary and is now the Czech city of Brno, Gödel later studied in Vienna before moving to the United States after World War II broke out to work at Princeton, where Einstein was also based. The first version of this ontological proof is from notes dated around 1941, but it was not until the early 1970s, when Gödel feared that he might die, that it first became public Brno Born and Bred Gödel: computer scientists prove G-d exists

Chinese social media dragons as a form of surveillance

Banned asbestos is slipping past Australian customs officials: inquiry

Leak-Driven Lawmaking

Shu-Yi Oei Hoffman F. Fuller Professor of Law, Tulane Law School Over the past decade, a steady drip of tax leaks has begun to exert an extraordinary influence on how international tax laws and policies are made. The Panama Papers and Bahamas leaks are the most recent examples, but they are only … Continue reading 

Crowds are wise enough to know when other people will get it wrong Ars Technica

Mind the Gap: Effect of IRS Budget Cuts on the Tax Gap and Potential Solutions

Roberta Mann Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Stewart Professor of Business Law, University of Oregon School of Law The Internal Revenue Service faces many challenges: scandals, threats to impeach the Commissioner, increasing burdens from expanding responsibilities, and, of course, the tax gap. In 2015, Jon … Continue reading 

Canada Papers investigation: joint investigation by CBC/Radio-Canada and the Toronto Star:
Snow washing: Canada is the world’s newest tax haven - Part 1
How a Quebec company hid millions from tax collectors - Part 2
Signatures for Sale: Paid to sign corporate documents, nominee directors serve to hide companies’ real owners - Part 3
Lessons for Canada - Part 4
See also: 'Tax haven' Canada being used by offshore cheats, Panama Papers show CBC, and Canada: the Big Facade Radio Canada (Video report in French)

Panama suspends Panama Papers investigation Deutsche Welle

Who are the middlemen helping to dodge tax or launder dirty money? The Greens / European Free Alliance
See also:  Tax evasion: New report looks at the role of the middle-men Sven Giegold, GUE/NGL MEPs from PANA committee at lunch with Professor Ronen Palan, Professor of International Politics at City University London) - and our Enablers  and Intermediaries page: here

Mhamed Bakri, 39, the founder of BBC Building Group, has been banned from flying back to his pregnant wife’s side in Dubai after being hit with an unexpected $4.5 million tax bill when he arrived in Australia earlier this month. 

Syrian-born Australian businessman grounded over $4.5m tax bill

Immigration lawyer flees with family and pet dog, owing millions