Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fostering Laundering - Freeways Suck: Gift to Bloggers courtesy of Metropolitan Museum

Overheard in Coogee pavillion: If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

BREAKING: Michael Flynn resigns as Trump’s national security adviser Flynn’s resignation letter is online here...

Once the urban freeway was unmistakably part of a vision of the future, one in which personal automobiles zipped through neighborhoods without having to stop or interact with the streets above or below. But over the past two decades, many cities have found that running highways through dense areas has done more harm than good—and they’re increasingly opting to tear them down
Why Cities Are Demolishing Freeways The American Conservative

Auditor slams $3.5b WestConnex funding

Hundreds of ancient earthworks resembling Stonehenge found in Amazon rainforest Yahoo.com

New on LLRX.com – The value of microblogs for research and information sharing – Are you overwhelmed by social media applications, many of which are not permitted to use in your private or public work place. If so this guide by Pete Weiss offers several alternatives to assist you with lightweight applications that bypass controversy in favor of utility

Trump is managing the press corps to avoid tough questions

Judge Orders Vandals To Read Books

A judge sentenced the teenagers to read the books, as well as watching 14 films, visiting two museums and writing a research paper to encourage “a greater appreciation for gender, race, religion, and bigotry” (sic) after they were caught vandalising the Ashburn Colored School in Virginia

A Backlash Against Book Bloggers

“Recently, there has been a backlash against bloggers in general, but the attitude toward book bloggers has seen some bizarre comments surfacing in Facebook groups.”

“This morning, we announced a major update to the Museum’s policy governing the use and reuse of images in our collection: all images of public-domain artworks in the Museum’s collection are now available for free and unrestricted use under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). This updated policy, known as Open Access, enables everyone to utilize more than 375,000 images of public-domain artworks in The Met’s collection in any media without permission or fee. Increasing access to the collection and scholarship is a central tenet of The Met’s mission. In making images of our public-domain artworks, as well as select data about them, available with Creative Commons Zero, the Museum is adapting its practice to meet the needs of 21st-century audiences. The Metropolitan Museum of Art now becomes one of the largest and most diverse open-access museum collections in the world. The Metropolitan Museum of Art thanks Creative Commons, an international leader in open access and copyright, for being its partner in this effort. The Museum also thanks its other partners in this initiative including Artstor, the Digital Public Library of AmericaGoogle Cultural InstitutePinterest, and Wikimediacommunities, as well as The Met’s first Wikimedian-in-Residence, Richard Knipel. Partnerships with allied communities, institutions, and organizations are vital demonstrations of the Museum’s openness in practice. We are excited to share with the public new pathways to creativity, knowledge, and ideas as manifest in the greater utility of its collection spanning 5,000 years of art. Learn more about the project in a blog post on Digital Underground by Chief Digital Officer Loic Tallon.”

Too much water: How Oroville Dam problems became a crisis LA Times.  Bob’s been monitoring the situation from afar:  “The pictures in the morning should tell a story. You’ll see how much material has been moved, and how futile dumping handfuls out of helicopters is. Spending a ton of money to add projectiles to the water. The dams downstream must be very clogged, which is another thing to watch.”

Berejiklian government stays course on Sydney council mergers but relents on regions


Serial conman Peter Foster was the alleged "decision maker" at a sports betting company that defrauded a least one investor of $1.5 million and funnelled $32 million into offshore accounts.  Police are now trying to trace and freeze at least some of those millions following the notorious fraudster's arrest on the Gold Coast on Friday.
Conman Peter Foster