Monday, February 20, 2017

Exclusive: By BC on Bruuuuuuce - Precious Moments Down Under

Bruce Springsteen: ‘We are part of the new resistance"

 Bruce Springsteen: ‘We are part of the new resistance’ in the age of Trump

Who would you sit out in the rain for? Wait for almost five hours while the sky spits hailstones and forks of lighting split the evening sky, after paying hundreds of dollars for the privilege?

The answer is Bruce Springsteen, for thousands of patient but sodden fans who watched his final Australian concert at Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley last weekend.

"It started for me in the pit at AAMI Park on Feb 2 2017, on a warm Melbourne night and ended 16 days and 5 concerts later in the pit after the hail & rain at Hunter Valley, where I stood exalted, exhilarated and exhausted with joy at what I had experienced.

I have hugged and been hugged by friends and strangers from all over the world, I have stood shoulder to shoulder in the sweaty sweet spot in the middle of the pit and not cared because the concept of personal space is irrelevant there. I have heard old favourites and new songs and I have danced and sung as never before.

I have witnessed 3 epic concerts and 2 merely great ones.

Time literally stood still during the concerts and I was the teenager I never allowed myself to be. These words do not begin to explain the true emotion, and as I rejoin the real world, I will always be able to hold on to the memory of this time and never quite be the same again.

If I never get to see Bruce again that would be sad, however if I had never seen him at all, that would be tragic.

My thanks to all the family and friends, the Brucebuds at the Melbourne roll calls, entrance queue's, pit crazies and at the Bruce Springsteen Australia wants you!!

And in the words of the Boss himself "I'll see you further on up the road!"


The father of a boy plucked from the crowd at last Thursday's Bruce Springsteen show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre has revealed it was the third time his son had jammed on stage with The Boss.
But 14-year-old Nathan Testa's schoolmates at Churchie did not seem that impressed.