Saturday, February 04, 2017

For Gabbie:

The Playwright Of ‘Moonlight’ Explains Why The Story Had To Be Told

In grad school at Yale, after finding out his mother had died, Tarell Alvin McCraney “wrote the script not in anger, he says, or only in grief or guilt, though he felt both of those emotions. He wrote it in panic.”

Okay, Actors, Here’s What *Not* To Do At An Audition

The Stage‘s anonymous West End Producer, in response to a reader request, lays out “the cardinal sins of auditioning.” For instance: “Avoid slagging off other directors or performers. We will usually know the people involved, and my casting director will often have slept with them – so they will be personal friends.”

European Plays Aren’t ‘Infecting’ Your Precious Theatre

Let’s face it: “In dark times we need each to do what we can from the centre of our individual strength, skill, understanding and experience. Theatre-makers – playwrights, actors, directors and the rest – need to tell the hard, dark, contradictory truths as we see them, as generously and in as grown-up a manner as we can manage.

A Brief Discussion Of ‘Chick Lit,’ A Genre That Deserved More From The Industry

“Given that so many women writers and readers currently feel that, once again, we are fighting for our basic liberties, might a new category of women’s fiction, more overtly feminist than its predecessor, be on its way? Instead of women searching for sex and love with the opposite sex, perhaps the genre might revolve around women simply trying to survive the opposite sex. “

A sense of modesty was central to Elizabeth Bishop's art. She published only about 100 poems during her life. "I’ve written poetry more by not writing it than writing it” ... Words are Wordless 

Chair made out of my Czech army gold-plated AK-47s

Rainier Weber pays tribute to Rainier Weber with this chair, "upholstered in luxurious hand woven fabric from London and Venice" and matching lamp. The 22k-plate set is $127,000.(via Crazy Abalone)

The joys of motoring are more or less fictional,” wrote Zelda Fitzgerald. So why, despite Kerouac and Nabokov, do we expectroad trips to inspire great writing?... Less Travelled 

Speaking of roads, Sydney's third world road system is only going to get worse