Thursday, June 09, 2016

Monoaware & Moustache: Art, Science and Trivia

I have an immense longing for simplicity and unawareness. If I could rediscover some strong, simple feelings from somewhere centuries back – hunger, thirst, cold – if I could overcome two thousand years of Talmudism and melancholy, and recover – supposing my race has ever had it – the clear joy of life… The abundance of beards (and moustaches) in period of social unrest, times of revolt or upheaval, should be noted. It’s the handiest way people have of making themselves mysterious.
~ How I Became a Hooligan wearing Jeans every Friday

News from the Profession. PwC’s Tim Ryan Sought Sage Advice in Avoiding Dad Jeans (Caleb Newquist, Going Concern) Czech out Tax Justice Digest: Wrap Up on Jeans (Tax Justice Blog)

Walk the Nile, see Shakespeare in China, voyage by train as a well-dressed hobo — and be sure to write about it. We’ve never had more travel writing, but is it any good?...  Travelling Less is More

What's this federal judge like underneath his robes?

It’ll be all right ma, maybe it’ll be okay
Well, if the people are buying tears
I’ll be rich someday, ma

John Quiggin, Culture Vulture, on Look what they’ve done to my song, Ma ... 

Back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I used to write poems and songs for Tatranka life was so simple and memorable wherever we travelled...
Memory, he had once believed, was our real refuge.  It was who we were.  What we returned to.  A somehow sacred place.  Our cells might die, be replaced, but not their secret synaptic codes.  That was the paradox.  Memories were our sanctuary.  What bound us to each other.  But he knew now that was an illusion.  Memories could change, be destroyed, be rewritten.
Now, in the (parliamentary) library, he would remember.  He would force himself to recall all the pain, to give up those things he wished he could have left buried.  He would overcome his own resistance. The Snow Kimono

The Art of Disrupting And Bringing Down Internet Networks: We Suppose Sacrificial Monkey Is To Be Blamed

Sad Day for Wise Muslims as Qatar to deport Dutch woman for illicit sex after rape report

*Wildlife with Guardian Angels: Most of what happens happens beyond words.
The lexicon of lip and fingertip defies translation into common speech...

"'Star Wars' is about freedom of choice": Today at "The Volokh Conspiracy," Cass Sunstein has a post that begins, "If you'd toldu me a year ago that I would end up writing a book about 'Star Wars,"'I wouldn't have believed you." Spiderman-Like Folk Hero Taunts the Nazis in 1945 Czech Animation

Last night at Antonio Zeccola's Palace Verona Cinemas we watched Malchkeon's favourite actor George C. and I rather liked it ... Czech out the film review by a brilliant Tax Professor (not my former lecturer from ATAX): "Last Friday, I went and saw Money Monster, the new Jodie Foster-directed movie with Julia Roberts and George Clooney in it. For the three of you thinking about seeing Money Monster instead of, say, Captain America: Civil War, my colleague, Ann Lipton has the securities law-ish review over at Business Law Profs Blog. Bottom line: Entertainment good, securities law not so good. Also, there’s a line about tax in there somewhere:
That said, I find the movie’s sheer existence to be fascinating, because it reflects such an obvious distrust of, and contempt for, finance and securities trading.  The moral of the story is that Wall Street – and its neutered regulators – are irredeemably corrupt.  (Look for the blink-and-you-miss-it reference to the “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity.”)  As the gunman puts it, “They steal our money and hardly have to pay any taxes on it!” 

Do artists deserve their own tax regime?

The Antipodes: A transported Europe, with a carnivalesque reversal of seasons and social barriers.  A land of wonders. [LH: carnivalesque seasons??  Maybe in colonial lit, but surely not now.  Only northern hemisphere outsiders think that our seasons are ‘odd’.  We of the southern hemisphere take ’em for granted (with occasional bouts of schadenfreude during our summer).  Hell-o to fellow folk in southern hemispheres! Africa!  Latin America! Yes, there’s millions of us!]
A Brief Take on the Australian Novel

Who Would Pay $300,000 for a Handbag? New York Times

How To Lose $4.5 Billion Overnight

FASTER, PLEASE: Stroke patients are walking again after being injected with stem cells

So this is what it’s come down to: Bill Shorten, standing alone behind one of two podiums, debating himself under a lone, isolated spotlight. The Opposition Leader is ready to go, but Malcolm Turnbull has refused to commit to attending Brisbane’s people’s forum tomorrow. Event host David Speers has declared: “If the PM doesn’t want another debate this campaign, then fair enough, he should just say so.” PM prefers the facebook debate ...

Facebook has wifi-enabled meadows, LinkedIn an in-house chef, Samsung tai chi in a garden
This exhibition is a collaboration between the Bodleian Libraries and the New York Public Library. It unites two great collections to chart the history and reputation of a great literary family that was blessed with genius but marred by tragedy.”

The Atlantic, The Perils of Writing a Provocative Email at Yale:
Last fall, student protesters at Yale University demanded that Professor Nicholas Christakis, an academic star who has successfully mentored Ivy League undergraduates for years, step down from his position as faculty-in-residence at Silliman College, along with his wife, Erika Christakis, who shared in the job’s duties.

Joshua Gans on adult coloring books

The faulty logic of a problematic metaphor: human brain as computer. The comparison is so silly, why is it so  so so sticky ?

Existential Therapy from the Universe: Physicist Sean Carroll on How Poetic Naturalism Illuminates Our Human Search for Meaning Brain Pickings (Chuck L) 

Malchkeon: "Kintsukuroi" is the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver joining the pieces and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.
"Monoaware" is "the pathos of things." It is the awareness of the impermanence of all things and the gentle sadness and wistfulness at their passing - Eleven, 11 Beautiful Japanese Words That Don’t Exist In English Odyssey 

Conor Sen has one of the best blogs.  He doesn’t fall for the usual mistakes.  

I  REMEMBER WHEN IMMIGRANTS WERE EXPECTED TO ADAPT TO THE COUNTRY THEY IMMIGRATED TO: Sweden stirs debate with women-only swimming, in nod to Muslims


New Chewable ADHD Medication, Adzenys, Has Some Worried PsychCentral (Emma). Not letting boys be boys any more allows for new ways to create speed addicts even younger. More at Motherboard: Orange-Flavored, Dissolvable Amphetamine for Children Approved by FDA

There are coloring books for every imaginable interest group, including “Game of Thrones” and “Harry Potter” ones, Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump versions, and, in a new and surprisingly durable trend, “sweary” coloring books. Because how better to demonstrate that your coloring book is not for kids than by incorporating lots of four-letter words? The Alexandra Alter NYT piece

SOCIAL MEDIA’S DARK SIDE: Documents Show How Russia’s Troll Army Hit America.
The documents show instructions provided to the commenters that detail the workload expected of them. On an average working day, the Russians are to post on news articles 50 times. Each blogger is to maintain six Facebook accounts publishing at least three posts a day and discussing the news in groups at least twice a day. By the end of the first month, they are expected to have won 500 subscribers and get at least five posts on each item a day. On Twitter, the bloggers are expected to manage 10 accounts with up to 2,000 followers and tweet 50 times a day.
They are to post messages along themes called “American Dream” and “I Love Russia.” The archetypes for the accounts are called Handkerchief, Gay Turtle, The Ghost of Marius the Giraffe, Left Breast, Black Breast, and Ass, for reasons that are not immediately clear.
According to the documents, which are attached to several hundred emails sent to the project’s leader, Igor Osadchy, the effort was launched in April and is led by a firm called the Internet Research Agency. It’s based in a Saint Petersburg suburb, and the documents say it employs hundreds of people across Russia who promote Putin in comments on Russian blogs.

“Five years after the popular uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and elsewhere, a bleak, apocalyptic strain of post-revolutionary literature has taken root in the region.”The New York Times

The Florida Bar also released a #JustAdulting website and app to help teens transition into adulthood and recognize their rights and responsibilities

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Andrew Jackson and alcohol access: “…whereas Whigs insisted that regulating morality was a proper function of government, Democrats warned that government intrusion into areas of private choice would violate republican liberties.” [John M. Murrin et al, Liberty, Equality, Power on Massachusetts “Fifteen-Gallon Law” of 1838, via historian Richard Samuelson on Twitter, and more]


To be sure ... DEPENDING ON SAMPLE SIZE; WHAT’S GOING ON IN PEOPLE’S LIVES, ETC: Women Are More Interested In Sex Than You Think, Studies Show.  Anyone who thinks women aren’t interested in sex doesn’t realize women are human

Spoiler alert: The key to understanding Liz Howard’s debut collection, Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent, comes late in the book, but it’s the first thing I’m going to tell you about. In the poemNorth by South, Howard’s speaker describes a dream: “[I]t’s evening/I’m to photograph/three women who face me/with their babies/bundled in their arms/poet scientist Anishinaabe/smile at me/and one by one/the babies/explode into flames.” Later, her mother looks at a single boulder, split into three by a tree branch, and observes: “this is what life does.” 
Real Housewives of Austen

Want to avoid an avalanche of social media hate? Try the Talese Test

Mitchell is the second contributor to the Scottish artist Katie Paterson’s Future Library project … Starting with Margaret Atwood, who last year handed over the manuscript of a text called Scribbler Moon, each year for the next 100 years an author will deliver a piece of writing which will only be read in 2114.” The Guardian Just Like Cold River is Locked  a bit longer for 1000 years

Kay Bell, Small businesses are easy state tax scam targets. “3 ways entrepreneurs can spot fake tax notices and liens”

Cass Sunstein (Harvard), The World According to Star Wars(May 31, 2016):
There’s Santa Claus, Shakespeare, Mickey Mouse, the Bible, and then there’s Star Wars. Nothing quite compares to sitting down with a young child and hearing the sound of John Williams’s score as those beloved golden letters fill the screen. In this fun, erudite, and often moving book, Cass R. Sunstein explores the lessons of Star Wars as they relate to childhood, fathers, the Dark Side, rebellion, and redemption. As it turns out, Star Wars also has a lot to teach us about constitutional law, economics, and political uprisings.

TaxGrrrlSix Reasons Not To Engage With Scammers, No Matter What Your Facebook Friends Tell You. “The best advice? Hang up.

As social animals, we depend on others for survival. Our communities provide mutual aid and protection, helping humanity to endure and thrive. “We have survived as a species not because we’re fast or strong or have natural weapons in our fingertips, but because of social protection,” said John Cacioppo, the director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago. Early humans, for example, could take down large mammals only by hunting in groups. “Our strength is our ability to communicate and work together ” Evolution and loneliness

NEWS YOU CAN USE: 5 Simple Ways To Protect Against Mosquitoes

*FASTER, PLEASE: Scientists have discovered a new trigger for killing cancer cells

Physicists discover an infinite number of quantum speed limits

Are Hardcover Books The New Vinyl? 

“It’s a deeply satisfying experience to hold something in your hands that you actually went to look for. To know that few people will ever appreciate what you went through to get what you now have.” at LitHub