Friday, June 17, 2016

10 Bistro at the Mint: Helping World to Join the Farewell Dots

"A man is judged by his enemies, this Stoppard fellow must be quite a good man indeed."
What Muhammad Ali Taught Us About Writing

There will never be another Muhammad Ali. Athletes today are too rich to take political risks Los Angeles Times

How to Be a Student Protester: 1968 vs. 2016 Vanity Fair 

Today Bistro was our playground .... “Public space in Germany is not held hostage by liability lawsuits; Berlin playgrounds are not designed by lawyers.” And they’re awesome [Anna Winger, New York Times]

MO'N, TF and MD saying Au Revoir to Greg

I'd really like to know which attorney decided that this sign was necessary #overlawyered

Kim Brooks (Dalhousie), The High Cost of Transferring the DreamThis paper is part of a larger project where I use the facts in tax decisions to reveal something about who we are. It looks through a small window into the lives of the people who find themselves caught between our collective and their individual expenditure aspirations. More specifically, it explores the circumstances in which individuals find that their outstanding tax debts pose a threat to their ability to maintain ownership of their home.

Wall Street Journal op-ed: Why Does the IRS Need Guns?, by Tom Coburn (former U.S. Senator) & Adam Andrzejewski (Founder,
When he thought about it later, it seemed to Jovert that he had spent most of his life listening to people, sifting through what they said, weighing, assessing.  Trying to fit things together.  But life, unlike crime, was not something you could solve.  What people told you was not always the truth; the truth was what you found out, eventually, by putting all the pieces together. And sometimes not even then. 

Rethinking Knowledge in the Internet Age Los Angeles Review of Books

 … The best nonfiction books add up to a biography of our culture | Books | The Guardian

… The MEdiaDragon Writer’s Index | BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

U.S. Elites: the Original Gangsters Counterpunch (Greg and Lou)

The reader of these Memoirs will discover that I never had any fixed aim before my eyes, and that my system, if it can be called a system, has been to glide away unconcernedly on the stream of life, trusting to the wind wherever it led.
— Giacomo Casanova, who died on this date in 1798
Michael Giove said on Friday that the British people had had enough of experts. I think he was referring to economists at the time. But it is at odd moments like this that the true person is revealed. Here after all is a man who is best known for his time as education secretary. During that time he tried to destroy expertise. And self expression through the arts. Whose idea of progress was to bring back Latin. And a rigid discipline of exams that more were intended to fail. All of which is part of his plan to create a product, not a person.
On experts ...

I admit that I have "painted myself into corners," made a lot of mistakes, and annoyed too many people too often in the past by making impulsive announcements, restrictive decisions, and unfulfilled promises about my blogging interests and ambitions. Someone (Charles at Razored Zen) even noted that I changed my mind about blogging more often than people change their socks. Well, I was embarrassed by the observation, but he was being truthful and helpful.

So, now, after several weeks of thought, I am posting this announcement and acknowledging those earlier mistakes and the many short-lived blogs associated with those errors.

Henceforth, in my future blogging, I will impose upon myself no limitations at all about what I will read and discuss. I will, in  fact, read and write about literature, history, current events, biography, autobiography, and anything else that suits my fancy.

So, "closing the doors" forever on all but one of my blogging efforts, I am immediately moving all of my blogging activity to this single blog, MEdiaDragon ...

China nude pictures as IOU and collateral, link is safe for work…”…the lender would send the photo and her naked video footage to her family members if she could not pay back her 10,000 yuan borrowed on an annual interest rate of 24 percent within a week.”