Monday, June 06, 2016

Remembering D Day

believe I’ve only ever been afraid of signs and symbols, never of people or things. My childhood was poisoned by the third poplar in the yard of the Church of St Peter, a tall, mysterious tree, its shadow on summer nights falling through the window, over my bed – that black band slashing across my bedcovers – a terrifying presence I could not understand and did not try to.
~ How I Became a Hooligan with TO'R at Mr B

It’s the D-Day anniversary. The Huffington Post has a weird, but fascinating, set of photos of D-day landing sites Photoshopped with contemporary pictures taken at the same locations

Google Neglects to Recognize D-Day on Homepage:

I Left My Head
by Lilian Moore
I left my head
Put it down for
a minute.
Under the
On a chair?
Wish I were
to say
Everything I need
in it!

Remembering D-Day