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Journalism Resources: The Impact of the Ghosts of Past Decisions

Disposable Americans: The Numbers are Growing Common Dreams
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Is there a mini-literary boom in Singapore? Some are even reading Cold River ...

‘What Was Needed Was Not More Communism But More Public-Spirited Pigs’ – When Editor T.S. Eliot Rejected ‘Animal Farm ... “We agree that it is a distinguished piece of writing; that the fable is very skilfully handled, and that the narrative keeps one’s interest on its own plane – and that is something very few authors have achieved since Gulliver. … On the other hand, we have no conviction … that this is the right point of view from which to criticise the political situation at the present time.”
The Guardian Shaning Common Sense ...

More than 10 videos will be released on social media urging younger voters to support candidates who commit to restore funding cut since the last election ...
We're throwing everything we have at changing public opinion because we see this as a crucial election for the national broadcaster  

Wading MuckRock, a website that helps journalists and others request, analyze and share public records, has been forced by a court order to remove documents 

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was the inspiration behind the name of the original fictional character Francis Urquhart. Michael Dobbs the author of the 1989 novel House of Cards, worked for Thatcher and turned to writing the novel after he was sacked as her Chief of Staff. "He had worked for Maggie Thatcher and they had had a falling out and he was fuming from that and all he could think over and over and over again was F-U, F-U, F-U," Willimon explained. "So he began writing that first novel purely out of vengeance, which explains a lot." House of Cards creator beau Willimon reveals all at vivid Sydney festival

The Secretive World of Selling Data About You Newsweek 

Donald Trump exclusive: Russian mob-linked fraudster a 'key player' in presidential hopeful's business ventures  

"Just because you're a journalist you are not exempted from assassination, if you're a son of a bitch," he said when asked how he would address the problem of media killings in the Philippines after a reporter was shot dead in Manila last week Anger after Philippines President calls for journos to be killed (176 jounalists were killed in Philippines since 1984 ...)

The law that enables the AFP to go after whistleblowers and journalists contains no public-interest defence. That needs to be fixed, but the next government must also prioritise changing the “craven culture” of the AFP Whistleblowers pay a high price for embarrassing the government 

MEGAN MCARDLE: Attention, Media People: Peter Thiel Changes Nothing.
To read the Internet as a journalist over the past 48 hours is to conclude that the media is on the verge of a holocaust. Not the boring old holocaust of falling ad revenues and clickbait-oriented business models, but a brand new holocaust, in which rogue billionaires are going to sue us all out of existence.
Journalism Resources on the Internet 2016Marcus Zillman’s new comprehensive guide is focused on journalism resources and sites of ongoing value in your process to refine topical and subject matter research and deliver actionable work product. This guide is a value added discovery tool that includes a wide range of reliable, comprehensive and actionable government, academic, corporate, news, training and business resources.

Last week in New York City, Cato presents its Milton Friedman Award to Danish journalist Flemming Rose, a key figure in the [still-ongoing] Mohammed cartoons episode, and author of The Tyranny of Silence [David Boaz, Cato]

Troubles in Turkey: journalists sentenced to two years in jail for reprinting Charlie Hebdo cover [Reuters, Reason] Erdogan’s campaign against foreign critics assumes extraterritorial reach with complaints against comedian in Germany and Geneva exhibit [Colin Cortbus/Popehat, Foreign Policy]

Via LLRX.comDigital Smarts Everywhere: The Emergence of Ambient IntelligenceAlan Rothman’s article is based on a posting, The Next Stop on the Road to Revolution is Ambient Intelligence. Rothman offers an insightful analysis on how the rapidly expanding universe of digital intelligent systems wired into our daily routines is becoming more ubiquitous, unavoidable and ambient each day.

Edward Snowden: Former top US law official says NSA whistleblower performed 'public service' 

CRS report, U.S.-EU Data Privacy: From Safe Harbor to Privacy Shield, Martin A. Weiss, Specialist in International Trade and Finance; Kristin Archick; Specialist in European Affairs. May 19, 2016

Pattern: when the left won’t protect people from neoliberalism, they turn to reactionaries in hopes they’ll do it. Harpers

 Is he simply waiting to give one of his former media outlets an exclusive on the story?
Finance Flack Not Interested In Commenting On Story About Him Allegedly Smashing A Beer Bottle Over A Woman’s Head

Vanity Fair: What’s Wrong With Anthony Weiner? We Asked Some Psychotherapists

GlassDoor is a Yelp-like forum on the topic of what it’s like to work at employers, and a much-used tool for those checking on the job market. Now California law firm Layfield & Barrett and its attorney Philip Layfield have filed a suit seeking to unmask John Does who posted a dozen disobliging comments, and Layfield’s comments at Above the Law are drawing further attention to the controversy. [Timothy Geigner, TechDirt]

FORMER MISS TURKEY CONVICTED OF ‘INSULTING’ ISLAMIST PRESIDENT ERDOGAN: Welcome to the New Turkey, where people can get locked up for saying something critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Let Them Drown Naomi Klein London Review of Books

All the Internet, a business of Advanced Search Technologies, Inc. which is a leading provider of search services and technology. Advanced Search Technologies, Inc continues to advance Internet search with new search technologies and features designed to improve the search experience for consumers. Based in Nevada, Advanced Search Technologies, Inc. has a rich history of search technology innovation dating back to 1999 and has processed over 1 billion search requests. All the Internet makes searching the Internet extremely easy, because All the Internet has all the best search engines rolled into one easy to use web site. Our goal is to keep Internet search simple and safe. Why use one search engine when you can have All the Internet. It just makes sense to have it all with All the Internet.”
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Illustration by James Ferguson of two historians arguing for and against Brexit
Gideon Rachman, the FT’s chief foreign affairs commentator, has won this year’s Orwell Prize for Journalism. Here’s his recent Weekend essay on the historians trading blows over Brexit
“The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today to update privacy rules to prevent broadband Internet access service providers from recording and sharing their customers’ every move online. EFF’s comments are part of the FCC’s rulemaking on consumer privacy and telecommunications services. As broadband providers are uniquely positioned to track every communication and activity—often in real time—the FCC is proposing to update current telecom policy to protect the privacy and security of consumers.

May 12, 2016, Posted by Slav Petrov, Senior Staff Research Scientist: “At Google, we spend a lot of time thinking about how computer systems can read and understand human language in order to process it in intelligent ways. Today, we are excited to share the fruits of our research with the broader community by releasing SyntaxNet, an open-source neural network framework implemented in TensorFlow that provides a foundation for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) systems. Our release includes all the code needed to train new SyntaxNet models on your own data, as well as Parsey McParseface, an English parser that we have trained for you and that you can use to analyze English text. Parsey McParseface is built on powerful machine learning algorithms that learn to analyze the linguistic structure of language, and that can explain the functional role of each word in a given sentence. Because Parsey McParseface is the most accurate such model in the world, we hope that it will be useful to developers and researchers interested in automatic extraction of information, translation, and other core applications of NLU.”

THE ONLY TRUE ‘SAFE SPACE’ IS LIBERTY AND FREEDOM: Heather Mac Donald’s Hamilton Awards Speech:
At Emory University, students stormed the office of the president shouting “We are in pain!” What caused their anguish?
The sight of the words “Trump 2016” that had been chalked on walkways around campus.
New York Times, In a Secret Meeting, Revelations on the Battle Over Health Care:
On Jan. 13, 2014, a team of Internal Revenue Service financial managers piled into government vans and headed to the Old Executive Office Building for what would turn out to be a very unusual meeting.

There's a now-famous scene from "All the President's Men" in which Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, in the midst of the Watergate scandal, is dealing with the fallout from an epic front-page error. Facing fury from the White House, which up to this point had been issuing limp rebuttals, he taps out a single sentence, calling it "my non-denial denial": "We stand by our story."
Bradlee's response buoyed The Washington Post during the darkest hour of its most famous investigation. But would it hold up today, when critics are assailing journalism on a variety of digital platforms, such as Twitter and Medium, in real-time?
In the last year or so, The New York Timesthe Los Angeles Times andProPublica, to name a few, have posted point-by-point responses to criticism of their reporting online. Rather than issuing a blanket statement reaffirming their commitment to their stories, they offered detailed rebuttals on a variety of platforms — MediumTwitter and theirindividual websites.