Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Book Tour – Not For Delicate Egos

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Capa, Gellhorn, Hemingway, Imrich, et al.: For a talented young cohort, the Spanish Civil War offered a heady rush of idealism and opportunism… Idealism of our lives

Today’s successful author will sooner or later be invited to sell his or her personal papers - archives. Sooner rather than later most likely, and not just papers, manuscripts, typescripts, notebooks, but electronic data too, emails, chat messages, the lot. Everything you have written, then, but also everything you will write. Your emails to your children, your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, your ex-wife or husband, present partner, future partner, lovers, ex-lovers, dying parents, estranged cousins, needy friends, your application for this or that grant, your fencing with would-be publishers or agents, your self-promotional lobbying for the Pulitzer or the Booker, deluded dreams of the Nobel, half-truths for the taxman, heated exchanges with magazine editors when payment is delayed.

The Book Tour – Not For Delicate Egos

“Behold the book tour, which is an ordeal for many writers. They stand alone on a stage quaking and exposed, prepared to offer the world the results of years of hard labor, perhaps only to find that their audience consists entirely of family members.”
Via Baltimore Sun 

The Ineffable Something That Keeps (Some) Writers Famous Long After They Die

Iris Murdoch
“The only reliable judge of a novel’s merits, as Martin Amis once declared, is that grim and exacting arbiter, posterity, and, set against the reckonings of the future, present applause is only a little light murmuring heard a long way off.”

 Sisson - “The Trade” What and Who (1994): 

“The language fades.  The noise is more
Than ever it has been before,
But all the words grow pale and thin
For lack of sense has done them in. 

“What wonder, when it is for pay
Millions are spoken every day?
It is the number, not the sense
That brings the speakers pounds and pence. 

“The words are stretched across the air
Vast distances from here to there,
Or there to here:  it does not matter
So long as there is media chatter. 

“Turn up the sound and let there be
No talking between you and me:
What passes now for human speech
Must come from somewhere out of reach.”