Thursday, May 01, 2014

MON # AC DC of Irish Courage

SOMO researchers Roos van Os and Indra Römgens published an article in 'de Volkskrant' (Dutch newspaper) about the question: Why does the Netherlands make it possible for dubious mining companies, tax dodgers, dictators and arms dealers to hide their identity?

With one click of the mouse, you can order an ‘anonymous tax free private or public limited company’ and benefit from guarantees of ‘absolute confidentiality for the company’s beneficiaries and shareholders and the highest possible protection for the company’s management and executive’. This is how the self-proclaimed biggest legal advisor for offshore holding constructions in the Netherlands, Quaedvlieg Juristen of The Hague, presents the attractive Dutch tax climate.
Mailbox companies and human rights: the Dutch state duty to protect
The More Laws Change The More They Favour The Powerful