Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Black Tuesday: Democracy & Spectre of Marxism

THERE was a delicious juxtaposition at NSW parliament last week. While corrupt former Labor minister Tony Kelly was using his parliamentary pass to enter the building and gain access to a Labor frontbencher, Ron Hoenig to spend an hour at the bar with him, parliament’s presiding officers were putting in place the toughest restrictions I’ve seen on the media in my nine years working in state parliament.
Legislative Council President Don Harwin and Speaker Shelley Hancock are enforcing rules which state every cameraman, sound ­recordist, photographer or ­reporter who visits the state parliament even once a year must get a $22 annual pass...
Parliament is a bit of a club. Politicians from both sides protect each other from scrutiny on occasion and are concerned about skeletons in their own closets.t
NSW Parliamentary doors

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