Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Politics is after all the art of the possible

The Abbott Government faces months of wrangling in the Senate over key budget measures to introduce a GP fee and increase taxes on fuel and high-income earners.
TONY Abbott appears ready to risk an election over the federal budget as he warns Senators to approve deep cuts to spending despite outcries against changes to health and welfare. Spectre do Double Dissolution

The federal bureaucracy is poised for its greatest loss of staff since the early years of the Howard government. However, the Abbott government's budget will hit the public service more softly than the Coalition's rhetoric had suggested, and its spending cuts are less harsh than those the previous Labor government had planned.
Civilian government agencies will shed 7336 full-time equivalent jobs over the coming year, offset by the recruitment of an extra 2744 military personnel.

Outside affected offices in Brisbane last night, staff confirmed they were worried for their jobs and aware the Abbott Government appeared to be mirroring the actions of Queensland Premier Campbell Newman

Australian Tax Office the biggest loser as public service staff cut in budget