Thursday, May 01, 2014

Bear Pit - Fight Club - IKEA Factions - Dirty Tricks

From the Bear Pit to Brad Pitt's fight club

They were Young Liberals on a covert mission, codenamed Black Ops. The dress code was black, the meeting time was 10pm, and it was BYO ladder. Their mission: to tear down ''illegally'' posted campaign posters on telegraph poles, allegedly including their own. Inspired by the buff Brad Pitt in cult movie Fight Club, a former adviser to minister Chris Hartcher fired off an email on August 11, 2011, to whip the party's youngest members into action. The way we are governed
Fight Club: snake oil spivs and ladders

A state Liberal MP who was allegedly used by his former ministerial colleague Chris Hartcher to do a favour for a company making illicit donations has told a corruption inquiry: "There are no friends in politics."
Charlie Lynn, who is not accused of wrongdoing, gave evidence at the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Wednesday that he was "supposedly" part of the same conservative right faction of the Liberal Party as Mr Hartcher, but they were not friends. "I think they call it the IKEA faction now," said Mr Lynn, a member of the state's upper house. "You join it together when you want something done." The sadness of factional politics Factions without morals

Dodgy pamphlets stolen posters and other dirty tricks