Monday, May 05, 2014

Packer V Gyngell Punch Up: One Punch Law & High Wealth White Collars

"Those who heard him lecture never forgot the experience--how he once said, with memorable bite: 'whenever you hear a man speak of "realism," you may always be sure that this is the prelude to some bloody deed.'"
~ Michael Ignatieff, Isaiah Berlin: A Life

It is the titillating tanty between tycoons that has every media outlet in Australia clawing to get their hands on the first
And while an intense bidding war between outlets takes place for picture rights, savvy social media users have taken their own angle on the dust up between James Packer and Channel Nine CEO David Gyngell’s punch up.

It was a bromantic falling out of epic Sydneyrella's proportions...

Mogul against TV boss.  Groom against best man.  Mate against mate.

They insist they’re still friends, but whatever caused (unknown woman - other woman- - amen )  the roadside punch-up between billionaire businessman James Packer and Nine boss David Gyngell, you can bet the bad blood will continue to simmer...
Sydney Social-Mediadragon Spies ( on a brighter note, czech out dolphins at Bondi Iceberg)

A surfer watches a group of dolphins leap in the waters of Bondi Beach in Sydney.