Saturday, September 02, 2023

Security and Human Behavior—

 X Blue users will need to send selfie, data to Israeli software company Al Jazeera

 Failed communications left Maui residents trapped by fire, unable to escape

 Firmware vulnerabilities in millions of computers could give hackers superuser status
Ars Technica
 Cyberattack Sabotages Medical Sites in Four States
Rebecca Carballo
 UK electoral register hacked in August 2021
The Guardian
 New acoustic attack steals data from keystrokes with 95%
Bleeping Computer
 Downfall Attacks on Intel CPUs Steal Encryption Keys, Data
Ionut Ilascu
 California privacy regulator����s first case: Probing Internet-connected cars
 Hackers Stole $6M from Connecticut public school system Lola Fadulu)
 VR Headsets Are Vulnerable to Hackers
UC Riverside
 Security and Human Behavior—SHB 2023
Bruce Schneier
 Typo sends millions of U.S. military emails to Russian ally Mali
 Bots and Spam attack Meta's Threads
 Facebook sent information on visitors to police *anonymous' reporting* site
The Guardian
 Tech companies acknowledge machine-learning algorithms can perpetuate discrimination and need improvement.
 Wikipedia's Moment of Truth?
 Why AI detectors think the U.S. Constitution was written by AI
Ars Technica
 ChatGPT's Accuracy Has Gotten Worse
Andrew Paul
 In the Age of AI, Tech����s Little Guys Need Big Friends
 OpenAI's trust and safety lead is leaving the company
 AI That Teaches Other AI
Greg Hardesty
 Researchers Find Deliberate Backdoor in Police Radio Encryption Algorithm
Kim Zetter
 Researchers Poke Holes in Safety Controls of ChatGPT, Othoer Chatbots
Cade Metz
 Unpatchable AMD Chip Flaw Unlocks Paid Tesla Feature Upgrade
Brandon Hill
 Eight-Months Pregnant Woman Arrested After False Facial Recognition Match
Kashmir Hill
 MIT Makes Probability-Based Computing a Bit Brighter
IEEE Spectrum
 Wikipedia����s Moment of Truth
 Possible Typo Leads to Actual Scam
Bob Smith
 'Redacted Redactions' Strike Again
Henry Baker
 Re: Defective train safety controls lead to bus rides for South Auckland commuters
George Neville-Neil
 Re: Myth about innovation ...
Henry Baker Martyn Thomas John Levine
 Internet censorship
Gene Spafford
 Info on RISKS (comp.risks)