Thursday, September 28, 2023

Australia: Three arrested for romance fraud

 You Can Now Get Your Free Credit Report Every Week, Forever The three major credit bureaus have now made weekly credit report access permanent.

Binance Hires Former US Federal Law Enforcement Investigator Greg Monahan as Global Money Laundering Reporting Officer

North Carolina: Nigerian man found guilty after trial for scheme that contacts lawyers and asked to be represented; sent them a fake counterfeit check as payment, and then canceled and asked for a refund by bank transfer; got over $20 million
New Jersey: Two men from India get 41 months prison each for fraud that used robocalls from India to impersonate the Social Security Administration or the FBI and DEA; handled $1.2 million of victim money
New Facebook scam claims to be giving away laptop or Playstation, but asks for money to pay shipping; no product exists

Australia reports that scams calling Chinese speakers, claiming to be with the Chinese government, and threatening arrest or deportation, have recently doubled; demand victims pay a "fine."

India busts eight tech support fraud call centers; arrest over 200

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