Friday, September 08, 2023

Making sense of the coup in Gabon Etc


International law at will: Kosovo, Crimea, Turkey — now Niger Eastern Angle 

Making sense of the coup in Gabon Ken Opalo 

A bright green bird perches in a gap in a large leaf.

It’s Premature To Conclude That The Gabonese Coup Was Driven By Anti-Imperialist SentimentAndrew Korybko

X, formerly known as Twitter, will collect user biometric data, job and education history The Hill Is Musk out to destroy his business? He’s driven off liberals. This will enrage right wingers (and anyone sane). Another reason to tape over your camera, if you haven’t already. 


NYPD To Deploy Drones To Monitor Backyard Parties This Holiday Weekend Techspot. I hope someone sues. If your backyard is enclosed, you have an expectation of privacy


FBI Hoovering Up DNA at a Pace That Rivals China, Holds 21 Million Samples and CountingIntercept (Kevin W)

The Supreme Stupidity of the “End of History” And Its Consequences Ian Welsh


The US Proxy Warriors Remove Their MasksBrad Pearce


What Do the BRICS Want? Co-Existence or Cooperation? Counterpunch


Falling Out of Love With America American Conservative


View from Turkey: In a New Order, China and Russia are the dominant poles International Affairs 


6 Tips to Find Lost Emails in Gmail

MakeUseOf: “Ever read an email only to never find it again in your Gmail inbox? Whether you accidentally deleted it or you’re checking in the wrong folder, there are numerous reasons why you may be unable to find an important email. Fortunately, there are things you can do to find these lost or misplaced emails.”