Tuesday, September 19, 2023

NY Times: IRS Deploys Artificial Intelligence To Target The Rich - Wolf vs Coyote

NY Times: IRS Deploys Artificial Intelligence To Target The Rich

Baistrocchi: Global Tax Hubs

Google Says It’s No. 1 Search Tool Because Users Prefer It to Rivals v Google Pays $10 Billion a Year To Maintain Monopoly, US SaysBloomberg

Cryptocurrencies by market cap: 1. Bitcoin: $516 billion 2. Ethereum: $196 b 3. Tether: $83 b 4. Binance Coin: $33 b 5. XRP: $26 b 6. USD Coin: $26 b 7. Cardano: $8.8 b 8. Dogecoin: $8.79 b 9. Solana: $7.88 b 10. TRON: $7.47 b 11. Ton: $7.33 b 13. Polkadot: $5.13 b 15. Litecoin: $4.82 b 16. Shiba Inu: $4.4 b 17. Wrapped Bitcoin: $4.33 b 18. Bitcoin Cash: $4.21 b

How a former TV reporter brings his journalism skills to a government-run true crime series

‘Success for sure is getting new leads on any of these cases, and potentially getting any of them solved’

Three Simple Rules for Protecting Your DataAtlantic

Car Hackers Are Out for Blood Atlantic 

China-Linked Hackers Breached a Power Grid—Again Wired

Wolf vs Coyote Field and Stream

How Is Our Current State Different from What We Would See in a Successful Inflation Soft Landing? Brad DeLong Grasping Reality

Elsevier’s Acquisition of Interfolio: Risks and Responses Sparc. From over the summer, still germane. AL