Monday, September 11, 2023

Como: And poor George no longer swims as fast as he used to

That movie basically just makes me want to get in shape.

European identity conveys a sense of cosmopolitanism, inclusiveness, and cooperation. But darker forces underlie all that... Bohemian egos »

It’s the end of an era. No, the era in question is not the demise of a handful of marriages between famous people. No, not the end of the Holocene and the advent of the Anthropocene. No! Not the end of your summer vacation. It’s bigger than all of that! This is the end of the era in which George Clooney is Mr. Lake Como, mayor of the lago. He’s selling the enormous home that he’s kept there for nearly two decades, at least according to Page Six.

George Clooney Might Sell His Iconic Villa on Lake Como

Amal and Mal observing my fast swimming as George is losing his speed in old age… Time for George to start training at Little Bay

George Clooney is selling his Lake Como estate for $107 million

George and Amal Clooney go glam for date night dinner in Venice

George Clooney
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