Saturday, September 09, 2023

Magic of Mystical Lakes - Law-Abiding Immigrants: The Incarceration Gap Between Immigrants and the U.S.-Born, 1850 - 2020

Indiana ( Jones ) takes care of foxes and reindeers etc at the Ville of Simplicitas for guests from Ville of Matraville 

Amazing Discovery Claims Elephants Have Specific ‘Names’ For Each Other ScienceAlert 

Golden Orb Found at The Bottom of The Ocean Mystifies Scientists Science alert

The Hollywood star’s troubled relationship with his dad drove him to quit Australia for the US in the mid-1980s. Now he’s returning home to perform in a celebrated stage play that features a complicated father-son dynamic of its own.

I was going to prove him wrong’: The family feud that energised Anthony LaPaglia

Law-Abiding Immigrants: The Incarceration Gap Between Immigrants and the U.S.-Born, 1850–2020 Ran Abramitzky, Stanford University: “This paper is brilliant.”

Behind the AI boom, an army of overseas workers in ‘digital sweatshops’ Detroit News


Closed to OpenAI CNN Newsletters CNN Newsletters 

MIT Economist Daron Acemoğlu Takes on Big Tech: “Our Future Will Be Very Dystopian” Der Speigal

Surgeons Are Double and Triple Booking Procedures That Residents Must PerformBloomberg

Tech billionaires behind $900M land grab launch website defending secrecy SFGate 

Billionaires’ Secretive Plan to Build a New City Is Backfiring Bloomberg

“The Physician and Physician Practice Research Database (3P-RD) captures characteristics of physicians and physician practices in 13 states. 

The database describes the supply of physician services available across selected states for data year 2019-2020. AHRQ created 3P-RD as a resource to address existing data gaps in physician health services information at the state and market levels.  3P-RD consists of both public use and restricted use data files. The public use file (PUF) version of 3P-RD is currently available for download. 

Go to data files and documentation below. The Restricted Use File (RUF) version of 3P-RD will be available for each state. Once the data are released, a data use agreement (DUA) will be required for access to the data files.”