Thursday, September 07, 2023

From genius Picasso to madmen Putin and NOKO Kim Jong Un

Surprise! Russia has given advanced ICBM to North Korea. White House flummoxed; not yet able to craft Memo to Media as to how to handle. I just briefed the judge on this based largely on work of Ted Postol, Prof Emeritus, MIT.

A bright green bird perches in a gap in a large leaf.

Exclusive: Egypt buys nearly half a million tons of Russian wheat in private deal Reuters

NOKO Kim Jong Un may meet Putin – Changing the World’s Stage? w/Ray McGovern Judge Napolitano, YouTube. Important. Seems like quite the message….

North Korea Finds New Leverage in the UkraineWar New York Times. No mention of the new Russian-supplied ICBM, which (by implication per McGovern, he annoyingly links to a doc that is not open to the public) has a much longer range than North Korea’s current crop, which I understood could hit only the US West Coast. 

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Russia-Ukraine war live news: US’s Blinken visits Kyiv in unannounced trip AlJazeera

Transnational Uncivil Society Networks: Kleptocracy’s Global Fightback Against Liberal Activism Alexander Cooley, John Heathershaw and Ricard Soares de Oliveira European Journal of International Relations

How the kleptocrats and oligarchs hunt civil society groups to the ends of the Earth Cory Doctorow. Given that oligarchs also fund “liberal” NGOs, I’m inclined to view this as factional fighting within capital. Stimulating nonetheless!

Bagmen for the Transnational Oligarchy Nina Illingworth Dot Com

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How deep-sea mining for EV materials could wipe out tuna populations Fast Company