Tuesday, April 04, 2023

The Wealthiest Companies with the Weakest Passwords

 The Wealthiest Companies with the Weakest Passwords – “Do large companies have unbeatable password habits? Think again. NordPass has compiled a list of passwords used by the world’s largest companies across 20 industries and 31 countries to “secure” their business accounts.

Spoiler alert: they’re terrible. Don’t believe us? See for yourself but please, don’t get inspired.”

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Arizona: Nigerian man gets more than four years prison for BEC, Romance, fake check, and romance scams; hired people with online jobs and used them to assist the frauds; worked with others in Malaysia, which extradited him to the US
Florida: One man extradited from Spain (Nigerian?) pleads guilty to inheritance scam; sent mail to older victims and told them  to pay money for various fees to get their money; six others charged; got $6 million; used former victims as money mules
DOJ arrests founder of BreachForum, worlds largest hacking forum; takes down marketplace

Australia warns of sharp jump in bank impersonation scams; victims get text from the bank phone number, claiming to be security; ask victims to transfer their money to “keep it safe”

Fraud Studies: Here are links to the studies I’ve written for the Better Business Bureau: puppy fraudromance fraud; BEC fraudsweepstakes/lottery fraud,  tech support fraudromance fraud money mulescrooked movers, government impostersonline vehicle sale scamsrental fraud, gift cards,  free trial offer frauds,  job scams,  online shopping fraud, and crypto scams
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