Monday, April 03, 2023

Recycled Teenagers: I’m an Accidental Government Information Librarian webinar

OK Boomer, face it, you’re now a senior Not OK we are greenies - recycled teenagers 

Where do Australia's tax experts find the will to get out of bed in the morning?

You could ask the same thing of our climate scientists.

For years, it's been horrible watching them trying to influence Australia's policy debate in a positive way, and to hear their voices overwhelmed by the torrent of noise coming from more powerful, entrenched corporate interests.

However, both groups are increasingly talking about the same thing. So, what will it take for governments to hear them?

Tax experts and climate scientists are increasingly saying the same thing

Within the RAN and the national security community more generally, James Goldrick is regarded as a towering intellect and the most articulate writer and speaker on the importance of seapower for Australia.

Opinion | Wall Street Journal journalist Evan Gershkovich detained in Russia

Russia said Gershkovich ‘is suspected of spying in the interests of the American government.’ The Journal ‘vehemently denies’ the allegations.

 “I’m an Accidental Government Information Librarian webinar is scheduled for April 6, 2023, from 1-2pm Eastern. This session, co-hosted by Teresa Hazen (University of Arizona Libraries) and Lisa Nickum (Colorado School of Mines) will teach you all about TRAIL (the Technical Report Archive and Image Library). During this webinar, you will learn about the project, the value of government agency technical reports, and how to discover them for your own research”

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“Abstract: The Technical Report Archive & Image Library (TRAIL) identifies, acquires, catalogs, digitizes and provides unrestricted access to U.S. government agency technical reports. TRAIL currently consists of over four dozen member institutions whose annual membership fees and volunteered staff time further the efforts of the project. During this webinar, you will learn about the project, the value of government agency technical reports, and how to discover them for your own research. You will leave the webinar with the knowledge to find this information on your own as well as learn about this unique and important national initiative.

Publishers Worry A.I. Chatbots Will Cut Readership

The New York Times: “Many sites get at least half their traffic from search engines. Fuller results generated by new chatbots could mean far fewer visitors. The publishing industry has spent the past two decades struggling to adjust to the internet, as print circulation has plummeted and tech companies have gobbled up rivers of advertising revenue. 

Now come the chatbots. New artificial intelligence tools from Google and Microsoft give answers to search queries in full paragraphs rather than a list of links. Many publishers worry that far fewer people will click through to news sites as a result, shrinking traffic — and, by extension, revenue. The new A.I. search tools remain in limited release, so publishers such as Condé Nast and Vice have not yet seen an effect on their business. 

But in an effort to prevent the industry from being upended without their input, many are pulling together task forces to weigh options, making the topic a priority at industry conferences and, through a trade organization, planning a push to be paid for the use of their content by chatbots. “You could essentially call this the Wikipedia-ization of a lot of information,” said Bryan Goldberg, the chief executive of BDG, which publishes lifestyle and culture websites like Bustle, Nylon and Romper. “You’re bringing together Wikipedia-style answers to an infinite number of questions, and that’s just going to nuke many corners of the open web.”