Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The Right to Teach

On MSNBC and “Authoritarianism” Matt Taibbi. Love the Good Will Hunting clip

Hong Kong: 18 arrested for laundering fraud money; including Nigerian man; many handled funds for romance fraud; HK $35 million lost by victims; 13 were domestic helpers who opened bank accounts and the scammers then removed proceeds through ATMs

French chateau cost the same as a Sydney apartment

The Leading Independent Russian TV Network Has A New Home: The Netherlands

TV Rain (Dozhd) – once headquartered in Moscow, long harassed by Putin's government, and finally shut down in the months after the invasion of Ukraine – has secured a five-year broadcasting license from the Dutch Media Authority, six months after Latvia removed the station from its airwaves. - Euronews

Studies: How Making Theatre Helps You Think

Theater involves “active learning” — getting up on your feet to take in information, rather than merely sitting at a desk. “When you put something in your body, it’s more durable, it lasts longer, and you remember it longer.”  - Washington Post

UC Davis Law Review, Vol. 6, page 817- 886. December 2022. The Right to Teach – Joshua E. Weishart. Professor of Law, West Virginia University College of Law: “America’s public school teachers are in dire straits; the law offers little solace. The rights teachers have as public employee-citizens do not protect them as educators. A patchwork of employment, labor, and First Amendment protections that comprise the rights of teachers has thus proved inadequate against escalating threats: education budget cuts, high-stakes testing, and privatization. 

Popular Science: “There’s a new AI on the block, and it can mimic someone’s voice from just a short audio clip of them speaking. If it sounds like there are a lot of wacky AIs out there right now that can generate things, including both images and words, you’re right! And because it can get confusing, we wrote you a quick guide. Here are some of the most prominent AIs to surface over the past 12 months.”

ABA:  “The 21st century court system has seen a surge of internet-related cases as websites and social media platforms continue to connect more individuals around the globe. While only 5 percent of adults in the United States reported using social media in 2005, the number has now skyrocketed to more than 70 percent.

 Today, people use social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to discuss social and political matters. Originally created as “social networks,” where individuals could stay in touch with friends and family, these platforms have rooted themselves into most aspects of day-to-day life. Although the common voice has been elevated, there is a growing concern that these platforms may be violating their users’ free speech rights while asserting their own status as private entities.”

Rents Are Still Higher Than Before The Pandemic — And Assistance Programs Are Drying UpFiveThirtyEight


Effects Of The 2021 Expanded Child Tax Credit On Adults’ Mental Health: A Quasi-Experimental Study Health Affairs. Full article, not just an abstract.


The Medieval Problem of the Productivity of ArtPhilosophies

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