Sunday, January 15, 2023


I get credit all the time for things I never said.

Raoul Wallenberg Day

Former Melbourne architect Bianca Censori has effortlessly leapt to the top of the global celebrity rankings after “marrying” unfathomable rapper Kanye West.

Ezra Klein on flying cars and the fear of energy(NYT).

VITAMIN D UPDATE:  Vitamin D improves immune response to tuberculosis, study finds.

RIPPED OFF BY THE THOUGHT POLICE. The Twitter Files show how censorship’s supporters got snookered.

Don’t bother looking for those tweets: The Ultimate Workplace Accident? Vox co-founder Matt Ygelsias has deleted several thousand tweets:

MARK JUDGE:  My brush with the Hollywood propaganda machine.

 Memories of James William Crawford Cumes (23 August 1922 – 21 November 2013) was an Australian author and economist and a former public servant and diplomat.

I’VE SEEN THE LOCKDOWNS AND THE DAMAGE DONE:  Study: Many young people struggled with substance abuse, mental health amid pandemic.Also the media hysteria.

“A Dutch supermarket chain introduced slow checkouts for people who enjoy chatting, helping many people, especially the elderly, deal with loneliness. The move has proven so successful that they installed the slow checkouts in 200 stores.”  Link here.

The Rollout Of Prince Harry’s Memoir Has Been Chaotic

But hoo boy, is it selling. (This year's savior of publishing?) - The New York Times

Kenneth Williams on Accents