Sunday, January 01, 2023

How to Use ChatGPT and Still Be a Good Person The New York Times

  “There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth.” 

—Leo Tolstoy, author

How to Use ChatGPT and Still Be a Good Person The New York Times

The New York Times: “The past few weeks have felt like a honeymoon phase for our relationship with tools powered by artificial intelligence. 

Many of us have prodded ChatGPT, a chatbot that can generate responses with startlingly natural language, with tasks like writing stories about our pets, composing business proposals and coding software programs. At the same time, many have uploaded selfies to Lensa AI, an app that uses algorithms to transform ordinary photos into artistic renderings. Both debuted a few weeks ago. Like smartphones and social networks when they first emerged, A.I. feels fun and exciting. 

Yet (and I’m sorry to be a buzzkill), as is always the case with new technology, there will be drawbacks, painful lessons and unintended consequences. People experimenting with ChatGPT were quick to realize that they could use the tool to win coding contests. Teachers have already caught their students using the bot to plagiarize essays

And some women who uploaded their photos to Lensa received back renderings that felt sexualized and made them look skinnier, younger or even nude. We have reached a turning point with artificial intelligence, and now is a good time to pause and assess: How can we use these tools ethically and safely?..”

 “To be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose.” —Yoda in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackCheck out more of our favorite quotes by Master Yoda.

 “You can hate me. You can go out there and say anything you want about me, but you will love me later because I told you the truth.” —Mary J. Blige, singer and songwriter

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