Tuesday, January 31, 2023

KLG: Why Trust Science in the 21st Century? An Object Lesson

#RobodebtRC After an intense grilling of Annette Musolino: Commissioner Holmes says its “5:00pm” (indicating a possible break) “Oh sorry” , realises its 4:00pm “I was having so much fun, I thought time had moved on” 🤣👏👏👏

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How London’s property market became an inheritocracy FT

The Paper Trail: the Failure of Building Regulations Inside Housing. More on Grenfell Tower. Not unrelated to the above; see NC link here 

Murdoch Fox Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch is expected to be questioned under oath in a defamation lawsuit over his network’s coverage of unfounded vote-rigging claims during the 2020 US presidential election.

Election technology company Dominion Voting Systems says Fox News Network amplified false claims that its machines were used to rig the election against Republican Donald Trump and in favour of his Democratic rival Joe Biden, who won the election.

Dominion is seeking $US1.6 billion ($2.3 billion) in damages.

Murdoch, 91, is the most high-profile figure to face questioning in the case.

Fox has argued it had a right to report on election-fraud allegations made by Mr Trump and his lawyers, and that Dominion’s lawsuit would stifle press freedom.

A judge rejected the network’s bid to toss the case in December 2021.

Alarie: The Rise Of The Robotic Tax Analyst

Solove, Daniel J., Data Is What Data Does: Regulating Use, Harm, and Risk Instead of Sensitive Data (January 11, 2023). Management Journal for Advanced Research, Volume-2 Issue-6, December 2022, PP. 12-15, Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=4322198 – 

1 big thing: Tipping fatigue Axios

Why and How Class Still Matters Jacobin


The Designer Economy NOEMA

Exclusive: SWIFT payments network access cut to crypto exchanges Asia Markets

Climate change is threatening Madagascar’s famous forests: Study shows how serious it is Phys.org

KLG: Why Trust Science in the 21st Century? An Object Lesson

Robots Are Treated Better’: Amazon Warehouse Workers Stage First-Ever Strike In the UK CNBC

McDonald’s, In-N-Out, and Chipotle are spending millions to block raises for their workers CNN 

Google let go of 31 massage therapists at its California offices amid mass layoffs Business Insider

Google institutional investor calls for wider cuts: 30k jobs The Register

SAP to cut nearly 3,000 Jobs, weighs Qualtrics stake sale MarketWatch

IBM Cuts 3,900 Jobs Reuters

Pay Algorithms Make Working in the Gig Economy Feel Like ‘Gambling,’ Study Says Vice

Massachusetts Bills Would Set a Minimum Wage For Rideshare Drivers Engadget

Covid was the 3rd leading cause of death in kids age 5-14!

Babiš plays on fears of war with Russia in long-shot Czech presidency bid Politico


Hundreds of high-ranking military officers sacked in Hungary Daily News Hungary


Independence is both inevitable and impossible. A possible pathway to Interdependence Bella Catalonia. I have to say that Ukraine has made me just a little sour on nationalism just now, but the ideas about citizen assemblies are interesting.