Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Tax dodging and non-compliance during pandemic cost UK £9bn – NAO HMRC


HMRC moved 1,350 compliance staff due to Covid, National Audit Office says, and losses are expected to grow

What causes your brain to procrastinate and how to face it Washington Post: A study shows that there are two ways that may help in tackling procrastination — setting reminders and envisioning your future self. Why do people procrastinate? A 2022 study in the journal Nature Communications suggests that a root of procrastination may lie in a cognitive bias — we believe that doing tasks will somehow be easier in the future.

 “You know it’s going to stink in the future just as much as it’s going to stink doing it now, but internally you just can’t help yourself,” said Samuel McClure, professor of psychology and cognitive neuroscientist at Arizona State University. “It’s a fascinating phenomenon — that myopia you can’t escape — even though if you just stop and think about it, it’s ludicrous.” There is individual variation, but “procrastination is a tendency that we all encounter in our life in different domains, or at different time points in our lives,” said Raphaël Le Bouc, a neurologist at the Paris Brain Institute and author of the study. “But the true cognitive mechanisms behind it are not really known. And this might be a reason why it’s difficult to overcome this tendency

 Vint Cerf and the Internet
Emily Bobrow
 Russians Hacked JFK Airport Taxi Dispatch in Line-Skipping Scheme
 Biometric devices sold on eBay reportedly contained sensitive U.S. military data
 I bought a $15 router at Goodwill, and found a millionaire's dirty secrets
Erin Keller
 FBI's Vetted Info-Sharing Network InfraGard Hacked (Krebs on Security) Southwest COO explained that the company's outdated scheduling software quickly became the main culprit of the cancellations once the storm cleared.
CNN with comments from Gabe Goldberg and Richard M Stein
 Two Men Arrested For Conspiring With Russian Nationals To Hack the Taxi Dispatch System At JFK Airport
U.S. DoJ
 Two men indicted for hacking a dozen Ring cameras and livestreaming swatting attacks
The Verge
 As Tesla stock tanks, videos of Teslas malfunctioning in below-freezing temps go viral
 Robocall company may receive the largest FCC fine ever
 Calculations on Maryland college savings plans lead to account freeze
WashPost via Jeremy Epstein
 Ransomware devastates the ALMA Observatory
Physics Today
 Windows: Still insecure after all these years
 Scammers Are Scamming Other Scammers Out of Millions of Dollars
 Melbourne Lord Mayor says *vandalism* of QR codes for reporting graffiti ` *so frustrating*
ABC Australia
 Meta's new AI is skilled at a ruthless power-seeking game
 Roomba with a View!
MIT Tech Review
 As e-bike fires rise, calls grow for education and regulation
Smart Cities Dive
 Samsung Recalls Top-Load Washing Machines Due to Fire Hazard; Software Repair Available
 Apple's 'unprecedented' engineering snafu reportedly spoiled plans for more powerful iPhone 14 Pro chip
 Studies flag environmental impact of reentry
 A Fight Over Automation Plans at U.S. Hydroelectric Dams
 Their children went viral. Now they wish they could wipe them from the Internet.
NBC News
 A dangerous side of America's digital divide: Who receives emergency alerts
 DDoS-for-hire sting hits 50 domains, seven people detained
The Register
 Card skimming devices found at 7-Eleven locations in Boston
The Globe
 Users report Google Calendar bug creating random, fake events
The Verge
 Server broke because it was invisibly designed to break
The Register
 Bad Santa at Rockettes' Christmas Spectacular
Ars Technica
 Celsius hearing, December 8: Selling GK8 to Galaxy Digital
Amy Castor
 Bankman-Fried's Cabal of Roommates in the Bahamas Ran His Crypto Empire—and Dated. Other Employees Have Lots of Questions
 Sympathy for the crypto bros
Mother Jones via Gabe Goldberg
 Twitter dissolves Trust and Safety Council, Yoel Roth flees home
 Cats disrupt satellite Internet service
Smithsonian Mag
 How Bots Pushing Adult Content Drowned Out Chinese Protest Tweets
 Okta had another security incident, this time involving stolen source code
 There is great danger in training an AI to lie...
Alex Epstein
 Code-Generating AI Can Introduce Security Vulnerabilities
Kyle Wiggers
 Co-Pilot helps write insecure code
Rik Farrow
 ChatGPT Explains Why AIs like ChatGPT Should Be Regulated
 New bot ChatGPT will force colleges to get creative to prevent cheating, experts say
NBC News
 Re: Dreams of a Future in Big Tech Dim for Computer Science Students
Gene Spafford
 Re: Pretty Smart AI
David Parnas Steve Bacher
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