Thursday, November 03, 2022

The “best” seven sites to buy Facebook accounts from

 The new history wars. Do we study the past to explore its strangeness? Or do we primarily seek an understanding of our world ?»

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Bob Dylan’s new book, like his music, features scarlet women, jughead criminals, wanton judges, and unscrupulous gamblers   gamblers  »

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Languages are discrepant, words are slippery. Yet the case for translation, warts and all, is  strong »

Even nuns watch porn, Pope says, warning of risksBBC

A middlebrow cult Times Literary Supplement On Terry Pratchett. 

Do We All See the Man Holding an iPhone in This 1937 Painting? Vice

So far, this flu season is more severe than it has been in 13 years Washington Post 

Minnesota: Florida woman pleads guilty

  • Was kingpin of a massive telemarketing fraud
  • Called older victims to sell overpriced magazines and used other deception
  • Call centers in Florida
  • Her part of the scheme made $86 million
  • Entire scam cost $300 million
Texas: Indictment unsealed for a Ukrainian man who used malware to steal data using phishing emails and other methods; arrested in Netherlands and to be extradited
Review and Recommendation: I just watched Ken Burns Civil War documentary again.  This excellent program made for PBS is just as good as I remember, and holds up really well.  Hundreds of thousands died to eliminate the evil of slavery.  And the task since has been to stand by the promise that all men are created equal.

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Fraud Studies: Here are links to the studies I’ve written for the Better Business Bureau: puppy fraudromance fraud; BEC fraudsweepstakes/lottery fraud,  tech support fraudromance fraud money mulescrooked movers, government impostersonline vehicle sale scamsrental fraud, gift cards,  free trial offer frauds,  job scams,  online shopping fraud, and crypto scams
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