Thursday, September 15, 2022

You Could Have Told Me That in the First Place: Five Tips That Might Have Saved a Young Lawyer a Lot of Trouble

Sheep are the solar industry’s lawn mower of choice (WSJ).

 Even Wearing Black the Church Shines - The Catholic Thing

No prim turning aside, with perfume and flowers, from the brute fact of death and the decay of the flesh.  It is as if the Church says, “I know the worst, and Christ has overcome it.”

Abominations by Lionel Shriver review – into battle with a culture warrior

… a good place to begin might be with her 2016 speech to the Brisbane Writers festival in which she spoke – rightly, in my view – against the notion of cultural appropriation (novelists, she said, must be free to inhabit characters unlike themselves and to relate experiences alien from their own). As you may recall, not only did someone walk out; afterwards, the festival, which had signed off on the subject of Shriver’s address long before she arrived in Australia, panicked and, with utmost cowardice, organised a “right of reply” event.