Monday, September 26, 2022

Chinese spy convicted with help from iCloud backup of his iPhone

​Why do I need to produce so many ID details just to get a phone?​

  Good journalism to catch up on this weekend

To wrap up the week, here are some of the latest notable and interesting pieces of journalism.

Chinese and Russian ops

Two NYTimes items PGN-ed
 Chinese spy convicted with help from iCloud backup of his iPhone

 Nuclear Power Still Doesn't Make Much Sense
 Say Hello to Crazy-Thin Deep-Insert ATM Skimmers
Krebs on Security
 Malware attack knocks out software for 6,000+ residential properties George Mannes)
 Patent troll attacks against open-source projects are up 100% since last year. Here's why
 Alarms over healthcare cyberattacks are getting louder
The Verge
 Microsoft Teams has been storing authentication tokens in plaintext
 Trojanized versions of PuTTY utility being used to spread backdoor
Ars Technica
 iPhone Lockdown Mode can be easily detected, could make you a target
 WatchOS 9 Breaks Spotify Streaming, Apple Watch Users Urged Not to Update
 Text Messaging Is Cool. But Where Are Its Boundaries?
 Watch it! Legal issues arise with home security cameras
Hiawatha Bray
 DHS built huge database from cellphones/computers seized at border
 Appeals court upholds Texas law regulating social media moderation
 Biden is completely wrong about Section 230 as relates to hate speech
Lauren Weinstein
 Uber wasn't using security keys
 Uber's hack shows the stubborn power of social engineering
The Verge
 Chess Grandmaster accused of using anal beads to cheat receives offer to clear his name by playing nude
 We're stuck with this white elephant: A Wisconsin town's big bet on electronics maker Foxconn hasn't panned out as planned
 NSA Software Supply Chain Guidance
The New Stack
 Re: Artemis I launch scrubbed again, new attempt may not come until October
Martin Ward
 Re: How criminals are using jammers, deauthers to disrupt WiFi
Henry Baker
 Re: Major telecoms sign deal to keep some phone services running during future outages
Steve Bacher
 Re: Apple and other vendors and eSIM
John levine
 Re: Breaks the Internet
Amos Shapir Steve Bacher
 Re: The Search for info, not just Dirt, on the Twitter Whistle-Blower
John Levine
 Re: Facebook has no idea where to find your data
Ssteve Bacher
 Re: 3D gun printing operation busted in Calgary
dmitri maziuk
 Info on RISKS (comp.risks)